2022 J.A. Grogan and Emma Zielke Medal Awards Night

Southport Sharks’ Selina Priest and Maroochydore’s Lily Postlethwaite Joint Emma Zielke Medallists
Aspley’s Ryan Banks-Smith awarded the 77th J.A. Grogan Medal
Southport Sharks’ Selina Priest and Maroochydore’s Lily Postlethwaite were awarded joint Emma Zielke Medals and Aspley’s Ryan Banks-Smith claimed the 77th J.A Grogan Medal, Queensland AFL’s highest individual footballing honours, in front of 250 delighted guests at The Gabba earlier this evening.
This was the first time the J.A. Grogan Medal and Emma Zielke Medal Awards Night was celebrated in person since 2019.
It was a dramatic count in the Emma Zielke Medal for the title of Bond University QAFLW Best and Fairest. Maroochydore’s Lily Postlethwaite advanced to the lead in Round 13 on 15 votes, ahead of her closest competition by four votes. Lily had a dominant season for the Roos in the midfield, where she averaged 27 possessions at 75 per cent efficiency and six tackles per match.
Lily had returned to her AFLW duties with the Brisbane Lions after Round 13, so did not collect any more votes in the count.
It was not until the very last round, Round 16, and game of the QAFLW count, that Southport’s Selina Priest caught up with Lily to tie on 15 votes. 
Selina is revered at the Sharks for her versatility across the ground. At the beginning of the season she was stationed in the backline transitioned with ease to centre half-forward. She played in Southport’s inaugural Bond University QAFLW Grand Final and is revered for her leadership capabilities. Earlier in the night, she was named Bond University QAFLW Team of the Year Captain.
In the J.A. Grogan Medal count, Aspley’s Ryan Banks-Smith was declared the winner with an outright lead in Round 20. He polled a total of 23 votes as the QAFL’s Best and Fairest.
Ryan, a hard running, tough midfielder, travelled up from Tasmania in 2021 to play in Queensland, after starring for Glenorchy in the Tasmanian State League. At the Hornets he is a leader of the midfield brigade, playing every regular season game in 20222 and averaging 29 disposals, seven inside 50s, six clearances and three tackles per match. He booted 13 majors for the year.   
Earlier in the evening, Ryan had been awarded the Syd Guilford Trophy, voted the QAFL Coaches Most Valuable Player.

Emma Zielke Medal
Lily Postlethwaite (Maroochydore), 15 votes
Selina Priest (Southport), 15 votes
77th J. A. Grogan Medal

Ryan Banks-Smith (Aspley), 23 votes
Syd Guildford Trophy, QAFL Coaches Most Valuable Player

Ryan Banks-Smith, (Aspley)
Bond University QAFLW Coaches Most Valuable Player
Steph O’Brien (University of Queensland)
QAFL Rising Star

Will Bella (Palm Beach Currumbin)
Bond University QAFLW Rising Star
Ava Seton (University of Queensland)
Bond University QAFLW Leading Goal Kicker
Rachael Vetter (Aspley), 25 goals
Ray Hughson Medal, QAFL Leading Goal Kicker

Matt Hammelmann (Aspley), 82 goals
AFL Queensland Senior Coach of the Year – National Volunteer Awards
Craig O’Brien (Broadbeach)
Bond University QAFLW Goal of the Year
Rania Crozier (Aspley)
Bond University QAFLW Mark of the Year
Angela Lingard (Aspley)

QAFL Goal of the Year
Brock Aston (Redland Victoria Point)
QAFL Mark of the Year
Corey Beaman (Palm Beach Currumbin)
Bond University QAFLW Team of the Year
FB: Caitlin Thorne (Bond University), Jessi Henning (University of Queensland)
HB: Jess Malouf (Southport), Laura Blue (Coorparoo), Poppy Boltz (Southport)
C: Mackenzie Findlay (Wilston Grange), Steph O’Brien (University of Queensland), Annie Muir (Bond University)
HF: Mikayla Martin (Maroochydore), Selina Priest (Southport), Brianna McFarlane (Southport)
FF: Emma Day (Maroochydore), Rachael Vetter (Aspley)
Foll: Jacqui Russell (University of Queensland), Courtney Daniec (Aspley), Lily Postlethwaite (Maroochydore)
Int: Ava Seton (University of Queensland), Courtney Sexton (Bond University), Sally Young (Coorparoo), Christine Okense (Yeronga), Madison Crowley-Long (University of Queensland)
Captain: Selina Priest (Southport)

Coach: Ryan Davis (Southport)
QAFL Team of the Year
FB: Josh Searl (Broadbeach), Lachlan Henderson (Labrador), Adrian Williams (Redland Victoria Point)
HB: Liam Dawson (Aspley), Liam Jones (Palm Beach Currumbin), Daniel Bowles (Wilston Grange)
C: Blake Erickson (Broadbeach), Brock Aston (Redland Victoria Point), Bryce Retzlaff (Labrador)
HF: Tom Baulch (Noosa), Connor Stackelberg (Aspley), Andrew Boston (Labrador)
FF: Sam Jasper (Broadbeach), Matt Hammelmann (Redland Victoria Point), Mitch Scholard (Maroochydore)
Foll: Will Wolbers (Aspley), Caleb Franks (Redland Victoria Point) and Ryan Banks-Smith (Aspley)
Int: Matt Payne (Wilston Grange), Tyler Cornish (Palm Beach Currumbin), Will Fletcher (Sherwood), Tom Templeton (Noosa)
Captain: Josh Searl (Broadbeach)

Coach: Craig O’Brien (Broadbeach)
Clem Ryan and Keith Wallis Medal, QAFL Colts Best and Fairest
Jesh Morgan (Noosa)
Bill Clerke Medal, QAFL Reserves Best and Fairest
Silivelio Lemana-Pakau​ (Redland Victoria Point)
Bond University QAFLW Reserves Best and Fairest
Boston Jackson (Bond University)
QAFL Colts Leading Goal Kicker
Luke Cahill (Palm Beach Currumbin), 41 goals
QAFL Reserves Leading Goal Kicker
Oscar McKinley (Broadbeach), 45 goals
Bond University QAFLW Reserves Leading Goal Kicker
Mardi Hornby (Bond University), 27 goals

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