2021 Sir Doug Nicholls Round

As part of Sir Doug Nicholls Round and our Racism. It Stops With Me education sessions, we engaged Matt and Ambrose from Ngalin Ayeye to design and make personalised Didgeridoos and Clapsticks for each of our QAFL and QAFLW clubs.  

The reason? We wanted to provide our clubs with something they could hold onto as they join us in our pledge that Racism. It Stops With Me.   The Didgeridoos and Clapsticks will be exchanged between club captains, as part of the coin toss in Sir Doug Nicholls Round matches this weekend*   Community to community, team to team, player to player – the on field exchange of the Didgeridoos and Clapsticks symbolises that everyone is welcome in our game.  

Hear more below:  

*Some QAFL clubs exchanged Didgeridoos last weekend.

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