2021 NAB AFL Mid-Season Rookie Draft

The AFL has today confirmed the final list of eligible players who have nominated for the 2021 NAB AFL Mid-Season Rookie Draft.
The nomination period closed at 5.00pm AEST on Tuesday May 25, 2021. 602 players across all major football leagues across Australia have nominated.
The 2021 NAB AFL Mid-Season Rookie Draft will take place in a virtual broadcast live and exclusive on afl.com.au and via the Official AFL LIVE App, thanks to Telstra, on Wednesday June 2, 2021 from 6:30pm AEST. The Draft will officially commence at 7:00pm.
The 2021 NAB AFL Mid-Season Rookie Draft will be conducted virtually within the ARC, powered by RMIT University to serve as the central hub, with confirmed clubs to submit draft selections to the AFL Football Operations team for submission.
Partnered by NAB, the coverage will feature every draft pick as well as all the analysis and key interviews with draftees and club officials. The NAB AFL Mid-Season Rookie Draft broadcast will run from 6.30pm-8pm AEST on Wednesday June 2, 2021.
The 2021 NAB AFL Mid-Season Rookie Draft will adhere to all Victorian Government protocols.
The AFL can confirm that 18 Rookie list spots are currently available across all AFL Clubs. AFL Clubs have until 5:00pm AEST on Tuesday, June 1 to make any further changes to their list.
AFL Clubs that choose to participate in the NAB AFL Mid-Season Rookie Draft will select in reverse ladder order set at the conclusion of Round 11.
Current AFL Club Selections:

  • Adelaide: 1 selection
  • Brisbane Lions: 0 selections
  • Carlton: 2 selections
  • Collingwood: 2 selections
  • Essendon: 1 selection
  • Fremantle: 0 selections
  • Geelong: 0 selections
  • Gold Coast: 2 selections
  • GWS: 1 selection
  • Hawthorn: 1 selection
  • Melbourne: 2 selections
  • North Melbourne: 2 selections
  • Port Adelaide: 1 selection
  • Richmond: 1 selection
  • St Kilda: 1 selection
  • Sydney: 1 selection
  • West Coast: 0 selections
  • Western Bulldogs: 0 selections

Eligible players include:

  • A Player who nominated for the most recent NAB AFL National Draft.
    Please note: A Player who nominated for and was not selected during the Draft and who committed for a further year as a 19-year-old Northern or NGA Academy Player is available to all Clubs should they nominate for the NAB AFL Mid-Season Rookie Draft.
  • A Player who has previously been on the list of a Club (not required to nominate for the most recent Draft) refers to the following situations:

    A Delisted Player
    Please note: A Player delisted by a Club cannot be reselected in the NAB AFL Mid-Season Rookie Draft by the same Club in the period immediately following their delisting unless they nominated for the most recent Draft.

    A Retired Player and/or a Player who has delisted himself and has not been on an AFL List for one year or more. For example, a player who retired in 2020 is not able to be selected in the 2021 NAB AFL Mid-Season Rookie Draft. 

Players in their 18th year or younger are not eligible to be selected.
Any player who does not meet the above criteria can be nominated by a representative of the AFL Talent Pathway, their AFLPA accredited agent or the player themselves and be considered for an exemption.
State League Participation:
Players who are selected in the 2021 Mid-Season Rookie Draft that stay in their original State are subject to the following:

  • They will not be permitted to play against their original Club unless otherwise agreed by all parties.
  • The player has the right to return to their original Club to participate in finals if their service is no longer required at their AFL Club.

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