2016 QAFL TOP 50 PLAYERS: The Top 10

It’s back! Andrew Wiles and Matt Trewhella have come together to collaborate on the top 50 players from the QAFL in 2016, and today is D-Day.

This year, each player wasn’t ranked by their kicks marks and handballs each game, but rather their overall influence, their ability to change a game, and whether or not they were a match winner.

To qualify, they had to have played three QAFL games this year, the same qualification system used for the finals.

Each day this week we released a group of 10 players, counting down to the top 10 today. Here they are.

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#10 Mick Hamill (Mt Gravatt)

If this bloke played a game this year where he wasn’t an influence, we didn’t see it. 20 games, and a staggering 15 times in the best. He just went to work each week in the middle, winning the contested ball, and then linking up with his mates to get it out wide, before pumping it in to the Vultures forward line. He is creative, reliable, and makes those around him walk taller. An absolute ball magnet. Super season, super player.



#9 Adam Clarke (Labrador)

Overall, 2016 didn’t reach the heights of 2015 for Clarke, who was the number 1 last year, but it was still a ripper. Clarkey’s run, his carry, and his ability to run away from congestion is why he and Labrador have been so successful so successful over the past two years. His inside game went to another level, having to deal with some serious opposition attention. When he loaded up across the half back line and took off forward, something good usually happened. There was a real link between Clarke’s form, and Labrador turning their season around after round 6, such was his importance.

adam clarke


# 8 Jon Croad (Palm Beach Currumbin)

Another one of Chaddy’s secret gun recruits who went bang with a Round 1 Syd Guildford nomination. He can ruck, play full forward, spend some time on the wing or play loose back; the big man can do it all. Aggressive player with a great left foot who is damaging all over the ground. Carried an injury through the middle of the year and missed the state game as a result. Was influential in the first two finals.


#7 Bryce Retzlaff (Labrador)

The Labrador skipper made headlines with his return to Cooke-Murphy Oval over summer, and lived up to the hype. 58 goals for the year, and only one game goalless tells the tale. Even if he wasn’t deep in the square, his work rate up and down the ground, getting the footy in every area was something to behold. Six goals in the Grand Final, where he was just pipped for the Joe Grant Medal, was a mega performance. Great hands, knows where the goals are, and a fantastic leader.

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 10.43.30 AM


#6 Bill Hicks (Labrador)

Another premiership and another state jumper for Hicks this year. 12 times in the best and is now being recognised in the footy world at the same level he is internally. Was one of the best on ground in the state game in his preferred slippery conditions and in the Grand Final, capping off a wonderful finals series (again). Adds greath length to Labrador’s game, is pacey, runs the lines well, and even though it might not be the most fluent kicking technique going around, it’s bloody effective.



#5 Jesse Derrick (Palm Beach Currumbin)

This years Grogan Medalist cemented himself amongst the States elite with a year to remember. His team didn’t get the chocolates this year but JD’s year was filled with personal accolades. Grogan Medal, Team of the Year, Syd Guildford nominee, State Vice Captain, played 100 games at Palmy and almost kicked goal of the year, he managed to fill the trophy cabinet twice over. A humble guy who is well liked by his peers and revered for his footballing ability. Won games on his own and is one of the more versatile players in the comp.


#4 Steve Brittain (Wilston Grange)

Wilston Grange are a different team when Brittain plays, it’s as simple as that. He is a human wrecking ball in the middle, has great skills, and real footy smarts. Unfortunately for him, injury once again crippled the back end of his season, otherwise we would be talking about someone who possible nearly won the Grogan. Probably the most important player to his team in the competition and can win games off his own boot.




#3 Josh Woolley (Palm Beach Currumbin)

It’s fair to say we love everything about this bloke. He has a piercing left foot, a huge leap, takes a ripping grab, and kicks goals. He has the ability to single-handedly transform a midfield… you only have to look at the prelim final for evidence. When the game is on the line, he makes the difficult look easy, and changes the tempo. He is one of the best athletes in the comp, and really, is the all round package. You’d love three of him, he is that good and that versatile. I don’t think he even realises how good he is. Match winner.


#2 Wayde Mills (Labrador)

Millsy might have just saved his best until last in 2016 by winning the Joe Grant Medal as best on ground in the Grand Final. That’s saying something because he was a star this year. The 2016 Syd Guildford winner was the general down back for Labrador. He took intercept marks, shut opponents down, and he kick-started the Tigers’ run. It says a lot about a player when most clubs put a lot of defensive work into the opposition centre half back, and even more about him when he prevailed time and time again. Reads the ball in flight better than anyone in the competition.


And that leads us to this year’s number one, which is….






#1 Daniel Green (Surfers Paradise)

The 2017 Ray Hughson medalist is also our deserved number 1. His midfield team have had some say in his huge 84 goals but his impact on games has been influential. He dominated teams and pulled apart defenders. In 2016, Greeny announced his talent to the football world. His team won games because of him and he played a terrific State game in tough conditions. Made team of the year to cap off a stunning year. No one can turn a ame on it’s head in a matter of minutes like Greeny can. Nearly impossible to out-body one-on-one, and will then turn you inside out if it hits the deck. He is a ball of muscle. What a year!



Full 2016 QAFL Top 50

Name Club
1 Daniel Green Surfers Paradise
2 Wayde Mills Labrador
3 Josh Woolley Palm Beach Currumbin
4 Steve Brittain Wilston Grange
5 Jesse Derrick Palm Beach Currumbin
6 Bill Hicks Labrador
7 Bryce Retzlaff Labrador
8 Jon Croad Palm Beach Currumbin
9 Adam Clarke Labrador
10 Mick Hamill Mt Gravatt
11 Josh Baxter Labrador
12 Jarryd Douglas Palm Beach Currumbin
13 Flinn Chisholm Palm Beach Currumbin
14 Jackson Emblem Palm Beach Currumbin
15 Cal Carseldine Western Magpies
16 Andrew Smith Mt Gravatt
17 George Hannaford UQ
18 Al Nash Morningside
19 Jake Goldsmith Labrador
20 Matt Logan Morningside
21 Steve Thynne Palm Beach Currumbin
22 Peter Mollison Morningside
23 Fraser Pope Surfers Paradise
24 Nathan Kinch Morningside
25 Fletcher McIvor Wilston Grange
26 Riley Buntain Morningside
27 Aden Rutledge Sandgate
28 Troy Moncur Mt Gravatt
29 Luke Scott Western Magpies
30 Tom Overington Sandgate
31 Noa Corbett Surfers Paradise
32 Joe Murphy Mt Gravatt
33 Cassidy Haberfield Surfers Paradise
34 Connor Ballenden UQ
35 Jake Ferren UQ
36 Ryan Dienjes Broadbeach
37 Bradie Foster Wilston Grange
38 Connor Stackelberg Sandgate
39 Val Pope Western Magpies
40 Lachie Russ Morningside
41 Adam Mueller Morningside
42 Matt Sondergeld Western Magpies
43 Matt Green Surfers Paradise
44 Lachie Nixon-Smith Wilston Grange
45 Harrison Fraser Surfers Paradise
46 Josh Searl Broadbeach
47 Rhys Estall Mt Gravatt
48 Harry Milford UQ
49 Todd Featherstone Labrador
50 Gareth Crawford Western Magpies


By Andrew Wiles and Matt Trewhella

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