Footy lingo

Ever been at the footy, and had absolutely no idea what the person next to you was saying? We are here to help.

Everyone has their own little way of describing what has is happening out on the field, it’s what makes our game great, so we have broken down some of the more common ones for you to understand, and use at the footy this weekend.

Agate – the ball

Barrel – kicking a torpedo

Blinder – playing extremely well

Breadbasket – the stomach of a player

CBD (central business district) – the middle of the ground

Clanger – an error

Clunk – taking a strong mark

Dukes – hands

Falcon – getting hit in the head with the ball

Get around them – Getting to support the player after they have done something good

Good shoe/leg – good kick

Hanger – a spectacular mark

Joe the goose – receiving a handball or kick over the top in the goal square

Kick a bag – large haul of goals

Left peg – left foot

Peppering the goals – when a team has numerous scoring chances, usually said when all those scoring shots result in more misses than goals

Pill – another way of describing the footy.

Plus one – extra number around the stoppage

Quarterback – the person who stays 5 meters off the back of the contest without an opponent.

Red time – time on in a quarter

Right peg – right foot

Sausage roll/snag – a goal

Seagull – A player who wins the outside ball, skirts around the pack

Shellacking – a big win

Specky – Spectacular mark, same as a hanger

The guts – the centre of the ground

The sticks – the goals

The pine – the interchange bench

Woodwork – the posts

Worm burner/daisy cutter – a kick along the ground that keeps low, and skids along the grass

By Andrew Wiles

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