QAFL Wrap: Round 17

Surfers Paradise 20.15.135 defeated Palm Beach Currumbin 9.9.63


The kids are alright, in fact, the kids are bloody good.

Surfers Paradise have been building all year, but I don’t think anyone saw this result coming.

They kicked 15 goals, not for the game, but in a row, between the second and forth quarter. Talk about a steam rolling.

The first quarter couldn’t be more of a contrast to the rest of the game though.

At quarter time, it was five goals to zip…. Palm Beach’s way.

It was like the teams swapped jumpers at quarter time. The change in tempo was staggering.

The Demons came out and kicked the next five goals of the game, through their big men like Corbett, Fraser and McIntyre, to hit the front for the first time in the day.

It was their run from the back half, combining with the Lions inability to get any flow that was the difference.

At half time, it was a two-point ball game in favour of the Lions, but you just felt the Demons were about to tear this one right open.

Jed Harrison kicked the first of the second half for the Lions, but that’s when the landslide started.

The Demons kicked two before three quarter time, and then a staggering 13 goals in the last quarter in a row to run away with it.

Sam Stubbs kicked the last one of the game, but it didn’t mean a whole lot. The Demons didn’t just kick away; they turned it into a training drill.

When the siren went, the Demons were 72-point ups.

One thing is for certain, when kids get their tails up, they are hard to stop.

There was always going to be an upset this round, but I don’t think anyone thought it would be this dramatic.

Coach’s thoughts:
Peter Young – Surfers Paradise

“I thought we were playing good footy in the first quarter, but we kept on making some skill errors that cost us.

“Our structure was good, we took care of the ball, and the game turned around.

“The last quarter was an avalanche, and everyone played their role beautifully. The run from behind worked really well. That’s the standard from now on.

“We still think we are a good young side who are going to improve in the next two years.”

Chad Owens – Palm Beach

“We got off to a perfect start, and then everyone just stopped, they just stopped running.

“They always looked like they were going to break the game open, I just didn’t think it would be as bad as it was in that last quarter.

“Unfortunately we had a 22 seater bus, with 17 passengers who didn’t pay their way, which makes it pretty hard.

“They just out ran us, out worked us, and out played us.”


UQ 17.8.110 defeated by Labrador 20.10.130


It might have been 1v10 on the ladder, but it played out more like an elimination final.

Most teams heading into a finals campaign are better off with a tough hard slog, than a cruisey, commanding win, and that’s exactly what Labrador got yesterday from the Red Lions.

What it meant though, was Labrdor have booked themselves a week off in the first round of the finals, securing the 2015 minor premiership.

The first quarter was a pretty solid hit out for both teams. Labrador was aided by the breeze, but blazed away a little in front of the sticks, and probably should have been a little bit more in front at quarter time.

The Tigers kicked 4.3, plus a handful out on the full, to the Red Lions’ 3.0, to lead by nine-points at the first change.

UQ made their intentions clear in the second. On the small confines of Oval 7, they trapped the Tigers in like they were at the zoo.

Every Labrador possession was under pressure, it was a hot footy, but the Red Lions were able to spread pretty well on the rebound.

UQ kicked 7.4 for the quarter, to the Tigers’ 3.2, to go in at half time 17-points up.

A bit like last week, Labrador put the foot to the floor in the third, and showed why they are the big dogs in 2015.

Having Clark back in the middle was a huge addition, and Hicks and Featherstone were also providing a few headaches. They stepped up, and put a bit of separation on the UQ kids.

They turned it on in the first 20 minutes of the quarter to kick seven unanswered goals, which in the end proved to be the difference.

Baxter, once again when Fraser isn’t there, stepped up to the plate, and Brain got on the end of a couple as well.

A few late ones to Tebbutt and Dolphin got the Red Lions back within 14-points, just to make it interesting.

Harry Milford worked his rear end off all day, with two of his six majors coming in the last quarter, but it wouldn’t be enough.

Labrador did what they needed to do in the last, securing the all-important four points, eventual winners by 20-points.

UQ have come a long way this year. Oval 7 could be a very happy hunting ground in years to come.

Coach’s thoughts:
Darren Pfeiffer – UQ

“I thought we let it slip today.

“The good thing is that we kept coming, even in the last quarter. We probably should have been further up at half time, but we gave away some cheap goals.

“Their midfielders got on top of us after half time, and that was the story of the second half.

“It was a bit of a shoot out today, and that was probably because we couldn’t hold it in our forward 50 well enough at times.”

“The pleasing thing is now we know we are a good attacking team, it’s just the other part that will make us a really good footy team.”

Steve Daniel – Labrador

“Yesterday was excellent. UQ were really good, especially on that small ground, you have got to work hard to get your kicks; they have come a long way.

“We set a couple of things up that helped. We are not going to hide from the fact that we are suited to bigger grounds with more space, but we cemented top spot on the ladder yesterday, so that is a bit of a weight off our shoulders.

“Now we can plan for the first week of the finals off, and get ready for week two of the finals.

“We come away from that game happy we won, and happy with the position we are in.”


Mt Gravatt 11.10.76 defeated by Wilston Grange 18.17.125


Down the stretch, bigger bodies come to the fore.

Mt Gravatt hung around yesterday, but in the make or break stages, it was Wilston Grange who were too big, too strong, and too polished.

The start was hot. Estall, clearly with an eye on the league goal kicking charts, kicked the first two of the game within a minute of each other, before Aspley product Henry Leong booted the Gorillas first with a long bomb from 50.

After a frantic start, when the game started to settle, it was the Gorillas who were on top, but weren’t making the most of their opportunities.

Estall kicked his third of the quarter, but not long after came off the ground with an ankle issue, which ended his day, and probably his year. Losing Tronc in the second also didn’t help the Vultures cause.

At quarter time, the Gorillas were leading by nine-points.

The issues in front of the sticks the Gorillas had in the first quarter were thrown out the window in the second.

They kicked the first three of the quarter, through Kuret, Howe and Perkins, to skip away to a 30-point lead.

Wilston Grange was definitely in control, but the Vultures showed a lot of ticker in hanging in there.

They kicked three red-time goals, one to Licht, who was excellent all day, and two to Nash, to bring the margin back to 14-points at half time.

The Vultures came out with a lot more care for the football in the third. They slowed the ball down, they looked after it by foot, and they used the short option more often than not, which kept them in the contest.

The third quarter was goal for goal, with the Gorillas lead at 13-points at the final change.

The forth quarter was all one-way traffic.

The Gorillas clearance work in the middle was the difference.

Bradie Foster was palming it down on a silver platter all day, and blokes like Kuret, Kettle and Williams were pushing their way through over the ball.

When Reuben William kicked the Gorillas forth goal in a rowearly in the forth, it was all over red rover.

In the end, the Gorillas were 49-point winners, did what they needed to do, and ticked another box this year.

Coach’s thoughts:
Brad Pollock – Mt Gravatt

“I think the season is starting to take its toll now, especially when we get a couple of injuries early.

“The third quarter was a really good effort. We used the short, and tried to break the game open, which got us back in the game, but we were out on our feet by the end of it, we didn’t have the legs.

“They were a bit tall and a bit strong. You could see they dominated the clearances and had the strength to get out in the clear.”

Matt Trewhella – Wilston Grange

“You’ve got to take the man on the mark out of the goal kicking equation, and we didn’t today. It was deflating, because we weren’t getting the result on the scoreboard.

“Both sides were pretty quiet. I think you forget how young they are, and some of the young guys we have.

“On ball I think we got them, and the forwards got on the end of some good work through the middle.

“Today is another box ticked.”


Sandgate 9.10.64 defeated by Western Magpies 19.17.131


Yesterday may have been a tale of two halves, but it told us a bit about what to expect in the future.

Firstly, the Magpies just work and work and work until they get the game on their own terms.

Secondly, once Sandgate get a few more games into these kids, their two quarter or three quarter performances are going to very quickly turn into four quarter efforts, and games of football will be won.

It was a bit of a scrappy start, but it was tough in the middle.

Jake Heard kicked the first of the afternoon for the Magpies, quickly followed by a Dickfos goal.

When Maynard replied at the 18-minute mark for the Hawks, that would be it goal wise for the rest of the quarter, which saw the Magpies hold a five-point lead.

Both teams’ defensive press was restricting opposition ball movement, despite the space available at Lemke Rd.

The Magpies started to slightly edge ahead, but the Hawks refused to roll over in the second quarter.

With both teams missing some key personal, it was interesting to watch who would stand up when it was needed.

At half time, the Magpies were just the six-points in front.

When you’ve got 19 players under 21 like the Hawks do, a bit of a drop off is to be expected at this stage of the year, and that’s when the Magpies pounced.

Ben Beavan, who was good all day, kicked the first of the half, but it was all black and white from there.

The Magpies kicked five of the next six, to open up a healthy 36-point lead by three quarter time, and pretty much ice the game.

When Woods and Dickfos kicked the opening two of the last quarter, it was curtains.

The Magpies ran the game out exceptionally well, grinding and grinding and grinding all day until the damn walls broke, and they could kick away.

When the siren rang, the Magpies were 67-points up.

Tim McEvoy put in his best performance to date of 2015 for the Magpies, and Sandgate have definitely found one in Mitch Crawley, who on debut was outstanding.

The Magpies are flying a bit under the radar lately, but they are doing everything right.

Coach’s thoughts:
Graham Adams – Sandgate

“Considering who we didn’t have, I was really pleased with out first half. We fell away in the second half, but there were still a lot of positives to take from the first.

“I just feel like, with the young group, that first half is a reflection on what the future holds when we get 30 or 40 games into these kids.

“I thought out zone defence worked well, as did our forwards and midfield, especially early.”

Glenn Humphrey – Western Magpies

“We were a bit slow in the first half, but our second half was pretty good.

“They were up an about early, as you would expect them to be, we weathered that storm, but weren’t doing what we normally do that well either.

“Once we got the momentum back, we just had to go through our processes and the game took care of itself.

“We have got some stuff we have got to work on, but it was a good win.”


Broadbeach 16.14.110 defeated Morningside 12.9.81



Hear that? That was Morningside’s double chance driving away into the distance. Today’s game has huge September implications both ways.

Morningside’s loss means that they slip to forth on the ladder, and Broadbeach’s win means they are only four points out of the five, with Palm Beach having to play Wilston Grange next week. I’m already licking my lips prospect of next week
More about that during the week; let’s focus on today.

Broadbeach proved today, that when they play four quarters, they are able to match it with, in fact, beat anyone.

They hunted Morningside all day today, turning up the heat, and opening the game up on the rebound.

Kent Abey kicked the first goal of the game almost before you could blink, but in game 100, Haley booted an instant reply for the Cats.

It was a dogfight early, with neither team really being able to put any separation on their opponents.

At quarter time, the Cats’ held a four-point lead.

Broadbeach missed a few sitters in the second, but they were still on top of the contest.

But, like the good side they are, Morningside weren’t going anywhere.

Haley kicked another two in the second, which was the only difference in the teams all quarter.

At half time, the Cats’ lead crept out to 12-points.

Within two minutes of the third, that lead was cut to one-point, after Abey and McDonald goaled for the Panthers, and it was game on.

The Cats didn’t go back into their shells though, or wave the white towel, they went back to what had got them into this position in the first place; pressure.

Whenever the Cats seemed to really need a goal, Haley bobbed up.

A late one in the third to Abey trimmed the lead back to five-points at the final break. This was as big of a 30-minute period as we have seen all year.

In front of the home crowd, with their season still on the line, the Cats stood up.

They kicked five out of the last six goals of the game to storm home 29-point winners, and leave the Panthers scratching their heads.

Two days ago, not much was expected to change before the finals. Now, we are in for one massive round of football. Bring it on.

Coach’s thoughts:
Brett Andrews – Broadbeach

“That was the second four quarter effort we have put in this year. The first one we beat Labrador, now we have beaten Morningside.

“They turned up, played team footy and got the result. They told us they want to play finals.

“It was a good day, our pressure was really good, we were physical, and the year is still alive. Hopefully this win will turn us around.”

David Lake – Morningside

“They came to play. They played with what they had and they all worked hard.

“They had a bit more go, they transitioned well and created lots of opportunities.

“Take nothing away from them, their work rate was excellent.

“We have just got to play the ball that is in front of us now, we have played ourselves into a more difficult situation.”

By Andrew Wiles – @andrewjwiles

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