Yelland polls ten for the second time: Syd Guildford Trophy Round 7

By Alice Barker

Surfers Paradise recruit Jack Yelland has made an immediate impact in the QAFL competition, gaining the maximum of ten Syd Guildford Trophy votes in Round 7.

Since joining the Demons this year, Yelland has been awarded the perfect ten votes for the second time this season and has polled in three games thus far.

After three years with West Coburg in the Essendon District Football League, Yelland moved to north where he has been a driving force in the midfield for the Gold Coast club.

Following his ten votes in Round 7, the big bodied midfielder now sits in third place on the overall Syd Guildford Trophy leader board.

Surfers Paradise dominated the votes this week in their 34-point win against Sandgate as Matt Green (four) proved himself through the middle and young ruckman Harris Newton (also four) also polling well in the win.

Palm Beach Currumbin again featured heavily in the votes with the QAFL’s most feared forward Jack Anthony receiving a perfect ten.

In a flattering 43-point win over their opponents the Western Magpies, Anthony managed to boot six goals and now moves into third place on the overall leader board.

Remaining front-runners in the Syd Guildford Trophy votes are teammates Tom Thynne (seven) and Jason Burge (four), Burge remaining atop the overall leader board with 32 votes.

The votes were relatively evenly dispersed following this clash, with Gareth Crawford (three) Jack Austin (two) and Luca Winton (one) all receiving votes from the Magpies side.

Wilston Grange hosted Labrador at Hickey Park over the weekend and weren’t able to keep the opponents at bay, going down 12.11 (83) to 7.14 (56).

Labrador’s skipper Bryce Retzlaff came away with a game-high eight votes following his four-goal performance while Gorillas Will Martyn accumulated five votes in his debut.

Luke Rogerson from Morningside won five votes as the Broadbeach side conceded defeat in a 50-point domination.

The winning Panthers saw strong performances from Peter Mollison (four) and Brad Howard (two), while Broadbeach’s Jayden Rymer (three) was commendable in the loss.

The Palm Beach Currumbin team remain a strong force on the overall Syd Guilford Trophy leader board, but with 12 rounds remaining the winner is yet to be decided.

 Palm Beach Currumbin v Western Magpies

10 – Jack Anthony (Palm Beach Currumbin)
7 – Thomas Thynne (Palm Beach Currumbin)
4 – Jason Burge (Palm Beach Currumbin)
3 – Gareth Crawford (Western Magpies)
2 – Jesse Derrick (Palm Beach Currumbin)
2 – Jack Austin (Western Magpies)
1 – Luca Winton (Western Magpies
1 – Jon Croad (Palm Beach Currumbin)

Sandgate v Surfers Paradise

10 – Jack Yellend (Surfers Paradise)
4 – Matt Green (Surfers Paradise)
4 – Harris Newton (Surfers Paradise)
3 – Loki Haines (Sandgate)
3 – Cass Haberfield (Surfers Paradise)
2 – Brody Haberfield (Surfers Paradise)
2 – Jordan Harding (Sandgate)
1 – Daniel Green (Surfers Paradise)
1 – Nick Scott (Surfers Paradise)

Wilston Grange v Labrador

8 – Bryce Retzlaff (Labrador)
5 – Will Martyn (Wilston Grange)
5 – Jaicob Kenny (Labrador)
5 – Dane Watmuff (Labrador)
4 – Sam Walker (Labrador)
2 – Wayde Mills (Labrador)
1 – Dylan Reid (Wilston Grange)

Morningside v Broadbeach
5 – Luke Rogerson (Morningside)
4 – Peter Mollison (Morningside)
3 – Jayden Rymer (Broadbeach)
2 – Brad Howard (Morningside)
1 – Henry Joyce (Morningside)

*still waiting on one coaches votes

2019 Syd Guildford Trophy Leaderboard

32 – Jason Burge (Palm Beach Currumbin)
26 – Thomas Thynne (Palm Beach Currumbin)
26 – Jack Anthony (Palm Beach Currumbin)
25 – Jack Yelland (Surfers Paradise)
20 – Gareth Crawford (Western Magpies)
19 – Henry Joyce (Morningside)
17 – Alex McKay (Labrador)
17 – Jackson Fisher (Broadbeach)
16 – Bryce Retzlaff (Labrador)
15 – Jack Goodall (Western Magpies)

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