Women of AFL – Josie Rogers

Though she may not be a household name, make no mistake … Josie Rogers is a true AFL legend.

Josie has been involved with AFL in Mackay since 1974. She saw her first game of Aussie Rules in August of 1973 and the following year became a member of East Mackay, now know as Eastern Swans.

In 2012 Josie will celebrate forty years in AFL, an incredible achievement from an incredible woman.

Josie has been involved in Mackay AFL in almost every role possible and is a true historian of our game,” said Mackay Regional Development Manager David Harding.

“ Wonderful lady… what more can I say about a truly remarkable woman.”

As part of our women’s round celebrations we asked the very humble Josie to share some of the wisdom she’s gained during her forty years as an AFL administrator.

Josephine Rogers – AFL Mackay Secretary

What does your role involve?  
Attending all meetings Management and Delegates take and record minutes deal with in and outward correspondence, personally organising the Tribunal and minute Secretary to the Tribunal and fundraising for the league.

How long have you been involved in AFL?    
39 years.

How did you first become involved in AFL?   
My husband  and I joined a club and  things developed from there.

What is the greatest challenge you have faced in your role?  
Dealing with all the changes over a long period of time.

What have been your greatest achievements?
From a supporter to a club Secretary to League Secretary/Treasurer, Secretary and receiving three Life memberships.

What has been the most rewarding thing about working in football?
Meeting many different people,see the changes in the area,watching children develop into men,growth of clubs, development of new clubs and facilities.
Do you think being a woman helps you to bring a different perspective to the organisation?  

What do you find most rewarding about your role in football?  
The challenge of being in a male dominant sport.

What do still hope to achieve in football?  
After being involved for so many years I would just like to leave the position I have held for so many years on good terms with all those I have served and met.

Who inspires you and why?  
Ron Barassi.  He has given so much of himself to the sport and developed a good relationship with all those that followed him and has been an outstanding leader of men.

What advice would you give to other women hoping to work (or working) in AFL?  
Don’t be afraid to have a go and challenge yourself.

Why do you think it is important to have women in football?  
It creates a family environment which is what it should all be about.

What do you see in the future for women in football?  
Hold positions of importance e.g. management level, running women’s competitions.

What is the most important attribute in a leader?   
Being able to communicate with people at all levels in the community and in the game.

Is there anything else you would like to add?     
Encourage more people of all race – religion –  colour to become involved in the greatest game of all!

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