The challengers are keeping within striking distance as Southport’s Danny Wise maintains his lead in the Syd Guildford Trophy count.

Tuesday 13 July 2010

It had to happen eventually – for the first time in six weeks, Syd Guildford Trophy leader Danny Wise has not polled a vote.

However, the Southport skipper was able to maintain his four-vote advantage over Cameron Ilett after the NT Thunder star was also restricted by a tagger last weekend.

There is a new man in outright third position after Broadbeach co-captain Dayne Zorko polled four votes in his side’s stunning come-from-behind win over Brisbane at Giffin Park in Round 13.

Zorko is ineligible for the Grogan Medal on votes cast by umpires for being suspended twice this season, but he remains will in contention for the $750 Syd Guildford prize.

He has moved to 22 votes, nine behind Wise, while 2010 recruits Darren Pfeiffer (Southport) and Jamie Sheahan (Aspley) moved alongside Jacob Gough in equal fourth place.

Todd Featherstone and Dean Page also moved up the top 10 after attracting votes in Labrador’s win over Southport and Mt Gravatt’s victory at Aspley respectively.

The final round of Syd Guildford votes to be made public will be allocated next weekend, before the voting goes into secret for the final month of the season. 

Rd 13 Votes:

Southport v Labrador

5 Votes Charlie Dixon  Labrador
4 Votes Trent Knobel  Labrador
3 Votes Darren Pfeiffer  Southport
2 Votes Todd Featherstone  Labrador
1 Vote Steve Wrigley  Labrador

Aspley v Mt Gravatt

5 Votes Rory Lake  Mt Gravatt
4 Votes Shane Morrison  Mt Gravatt
3 Votes Jamie Sheahan  Aspley
2 Votes Josh Vearing  Mt Gravatt
1 Vote Dean Page  Mt Gravatt

Redland v Western Magpies

5 Votes Phil Carse  Redland
4 Votes Jamie Hackett  Redland
3 Votes Adam Mueller  Redland
2 Votes Will Overs  Redland
1 Vote Jason Paxman  Redland

Brisbane Lions Reserves v Broadbeach

5 Votes Xavier Clarke  Lions
4 Votes Dayne Zorko  Broadbeach
3 Votes Sam Shelton  Lions
2 Votes Aaron Rolfe  Broadbeach
1 Vote Michael Cooke  Broadbeach

NT Thunder v Morningside

5 Votes Josh Chaplin  NT Thunder
4 Votes Shannon Rusca  NT Thunder
3 Votes Brett Goodes  NT Thunder
2 Votes Aaron Rogers  Morningside
1 Vote Kenrick Tyrrell  Morningside

Round 13 leaders
31: Danny Wise (Southport) 
27: Cameron Ilett (NT Thunder)  
22: Dayne Zorko (Broadbeach)  
19: Darren Pfeiffer (Southport)  
19: Jamie Sheahan (Aspley)  
19: Jacob Gough (Morningside)  
18: Matt Shir (Aspley)  
15: Dean Page (Mt Gravatt) 
15: Todd Featherstone (Labrador)

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