Winging it: Making a comeback

AFLQ community footy writer, Beth Newman, is making a comeback from injury this weekend.

My stint as a wounded warrior is officially over.

Albeit, with a bye and a forfeit, it actually only lasted one game, it’s still exciting to be getting ready to get back on the field.

I do have to wear intricate and extensive strapping on my finger, but apart from that I’m good to go.

Despite only actually missing one game, it was enough to make me realise how much I wanted to play.

And it made me realise how hard it must be for players who only have footy – like people who are actually half-good at it – to miss out on playing.

There are so many guys who do their ACLs at the AFL level each year and have to miss entire seasons.

So, I’m feeling pretty lucky right now.

And, on the plus side, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been able to casually flip people the bird and blame it on my finger splint.

Anyway, enough about my ability to secretly offer obscene gestures to people.

This weekend is a big match for us, against Caboolture at home on Sunday morning.

We picked up our first, and only, win of the season against the Lions a few weeks ago now, so the pressure is on.

I know what you’re thinking – what does it feel like to be the hunted/the hunting?

Being one of the more inconsistent members of our side, entering into a match that, it could be argued, we’re expected to win – I’m feeling the heat.

When you’re injured, one of two things can happen – your status becomes inflated, or forgotten.

Carlton’s Jarrad Waite is an example of the former – he has pretty much become the most valuable player in the competition this season, despite less than a handful of games.

On the other hand, I would like to think I’m a bit like Ryan Harris – yes, the cricketer.

Harris has been injured for a long time and has been generally underrated in that period – and then, at Lord’s in the Ashes, he chose the perfect time to strike.

Rhino picked up three wickets and could be the saviour of Australia’s Ashes campaign.

Now, I don’t like to big note myself but here’s hoping I turn out more like a Harris than a Waite.

Though, there is the alternative, that I could be one of those players that gets injured and is never the same again – though it would be tricky for me to go any further downhill given my starting point.

Whether it’s column A, column B or Column C or a bit of all three, I’m hoping to make my return a victorious one.

And hopefully, my Ashes hangover doesn’t hamper my ability to replicate the Rhino

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