Vultures coach to take time-out

Brad Pollock has stepped down as Mt Gravatt Senior Coach after almost four years at the helm.

Pollock had been retained by the club for 2017 but in recent weeks had come to the realisation he needed time away from coaching.

“It’s a big job and I felt that I probably needed to freshen up and take a break from the game,” Pollock said.

Mt Gravatt President Daron Jackson was full of praise for the man affectionately known as Bear.

“He led by example, asked for or little and gave his all,” said Jackson.

“He was always conscious of developing our young talent and bringing Mount Gravatt back to being a competitive on-field club.”

Pollock took the reins when times were tough, the club struggling to remain competitive in the NEAFL competition.

“There were many problems on and off the field, and by the end of the year Brad was senior coach at our club. He implored us all to hang in there and things would improve,” said Jackson.

Twenty fourteen was a time of change for Mt Gravatt, with the club restructuring and returning to the QAFL competition.

“In many ways Bear was a rock of stability through those tumultuous times.” Jackson said.

“He went to work and led our young charges into the finals in that year.”

On reflection, Pollock cites leaving the club in a strong position as a highlight of his tenure.

“Coming out of the NEAFL we had hardly any players left and our under 18s were decimated,’ he said.

“Rebuilding to the point that we finished off this season – with all our teams in the finals and with really good depth – I guess that’s the most satisfying part of it all.”

“They are just a fantastic group of players and really receptive to learning and paying respect and I’m going to take away a lot of lifetime friendships.”

“Hopefully I’m not finished in football, but at this time I need a spell. And I think it will be good for the boys to have another voice as well.”

Jackson said the club has nothing but respect for the outgoing coach.

“We want to thank Brad for his time, energy and leadership and wish him all the best for the future,” the president said.

“A great Mount Gravatt person who will always be welcome at our club.”

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