Volunteer of the Year

AFL Queensland encourages each club to nominate a volunteer for the AFL Queensland Volunteer of the Year Award program using the nomination form at the bottom of this page.

Following he nominations process, each League will evaluate the nominations received within their region, and will determine their League’s Volunteer of the Year.

AFL Queensland will then evaluate each League Volunteer of the Year recipient and determine the AFL Queensland Volunteer of the Year.

Prizes include:

  • The final AFL Queensland Volunteer of the Year will receive a certificate and the following prizes:
    • 2 x tickets to the 2018 Toyota AFL Grand Final
    • 2 x return flights and accommodation for 3 nights (Thurs – Sat) in Melbourne for the 2018 Toyota AFL Grand Final weekend
    • The opportunity to walk in the Toyota AFL Grand Final parade


We are looking for all types of volunteers – from the Sausage Turners and Timekeepers to the Banner Makers and Club Presidents – we want to hear about everyone’s contribution to Australian Football.

The AFL Queensland Volunteer of the Year Award is awarded to a community football volunteer from the following categories:

  • Club Administrator
  • Club Volunteer
  • Coach

The nominated volunteers will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Positive impact on club/organisation eg. membership, financial viability, new programs implemented, major events conducted, etc
  • Examples of leading initiatives, displaying teamwork, driving innovation, and exercising exceptional leadership
  • Mentoring of new volunteers, players and/or club members
  • Promoting a healthy club/league culture which provides a fair, safe and inclusive environment.


Volunteer of the Year Nomination Form

Online Nomination Form

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