Ultimate experience for AFL 9s teams

AFL Queensland staff show off the Cadbury AFL 9s jumpers

Sixty Cadbury AFL 9s players will live out their dream of playing at the Gabba this weekend thanks to the Cadbury AFL9s Ultimate Experience competition.

Creative team photos submitted by the Gatton Glass, Brighton Tigers, Brisbane Drop bears and Gold Coast Dingos AFL 9s teams won them the opportunity to play an exhibition match at half-time during the Brisbane Lions Vs Western Bulldogs clash on Sunday.

Cadbury AFL9s is the AFL’s new official touch version of the game, developed so everyone can have a go at playing Australian football.

This weekend’s matches will be an all-ages affair with players ranging from 19 to 54.

We caught up with our four Cadbury Ultimate Experience Teams to learn a little more about their Cadbury AFL 9s experience.

The Brisbane Drop bears

“The Drop bears have been together since 2010.

“We started as a bunch of girls and guys rocking up in a park every Sunday and organizing a scratch match.

“As soon as we heard about AFL9s we registered a team and are now involved in our 3rd consecutive season.

“There has been marked improvement in skill of the group through 9s as well as fitness.

“Since our inception six of our members have gone on to join club football teams but they still come back for a run at 9s when they get a chance.”

The Brighton Tigers

“The Brighton Tigers is made up of friends and family and it is a real social gathering with family coming to watch.

“I guess the best part is the mix of girls and guys and the fairness of the game.

“We like the fact that you don’t have to be good to get a fair go and, even if you are good, doesn’t mean that you can dictate the game. “

The Gatton Glass

“The Gatton Glass AFL 9s team is made up of mostly Lockyer Valley Demons Club AFL players with extras that just want a social game of AFL without the contact.

“We are looking forward to the competition kicking off here so we can meet other teams of people who like a social game of AFL 9s!

“Following on from the Lockyer Valley Demons first ever win a couple of weeks ago we are also looking forward to the first Lockyer Valley AFL 9’s season.

The Gold Coast Dingos

“I nominated the team in the spring comp last year to get my work mates together. I turned up to the try out night but none of my co-workers did.

“I thought that I would have to pull the team but the organizer threw together 9 players who had never met.

“Over the course of the season we became good friends & decided to play together in future seasons.”

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