U16 Queenslanders impress in Pool C

Queensland’s U16 team had a successful start to their Nationals campaign, but they weren’t the only Queenslanders who impressed in Rd 1.

Three of the states’ promising footballers, Kunjia Kumara, Elijah Baru and Prince Sheriff are members of the World team, whjch a close loss to the South Pacific team at Broadbeach

In a thrilling battle, the World XVIII had a 20-point lead at half-time, before the South Pacific stormed home to clinch a three-point win.

Kumara was one of the World’s best in the match, and the team will be hoping for a win in their next match against the Flying Boomerangs at Broadbeach on Wednesday at 11am.

South Pacific 2.2 3.2 6.4 8.6 (54)

World            3.1 6.4 7.6 7.9 (51)


South Pacific: Morehari 2, Silbery 2, Dagiaro, Rawali, Grundler, Bonga

World: Irakozi, Kumara, Baru, Bility, Taban, Jiath, Jok


South Pacific: Ngata, Illig, Susuve, Morehari, Lavong

World: Mu, Bayok, Jok, Taban, Szydlik

Queenslander, Sachem Parkin-Owens, played for the Flying Boomerangs in another close Pool C Match,a 13-point loss to WA North West.

Leading at quarter-time, the Boomerangs trailed by nine points at half-time and went almost goal for goal with the West Australians for the rest of the match.

The Boomerangs face the World XVIII this Wednesday at 11am at Broadbeach.

WA NW      0.4  4.6  6.9  8.10 (58)

Boomerangs 1.1  3.3 3.6  6.9 (45)


WA NW: Taylor, Oakley, Jones, Shandley, Hackett, Smith, Walker, Hodder

Boomerangs: Nichaloff 2, Baird 2, Garner, Humphries


WA NW: Hackett, Blackley, Curtin, Hodder, Thomas, Garrett

Boomerangs: Cubillo, Garner, Lupton, Baird, Hayes, Miller

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