U14 State Academy Championships: full results

 Coaches Awards 

Brisbane North: Will Martyn

Moreton Bay: Matt King 

North Queensland Central: Gracen Sproule

North Queensland Northern: Jai Newell

PNG:  Hewago Paul Oea 

Sunshine Coast: Rick Wirth

 Brisbane South East: Will Kerr

Brisbane South West: Charlie Thorpe

Gold Coast North: Matthew Fraser

Gold Coast South: Indigo Spinks



Moreton Bay 8.7.55 DEF Brisbane South East 2.1.13

Goal Kickers

Moreton Bay – Jarryd Ricker 2, Riley Royds 2, Ronan Mayes 1, Thomas Smith 1, Thomas Mabin 1, Lleyten Jarrett 1

Brisbane South East – Jakob Damsma 


Moreton Bay – Thomas Mabin, Ronan Mayes, Mitch Lowrie, Niam Mayes, Jarryd Ricker

Brisbane South East – Tom Jeffrey, Joshua Brown, Jake Moseley, Tyler Bain

Coaches Comments

Moreton Bay – Team were hard at the football, stuck to the structures, tackling pressure took the oppositions time away to use it effectively, worked for each other for the whole game.

Brisbane South East – Boys were caught out by bigger, more athletic bodies throughout the midfield.  Their midfield got first use of the footy to set up more scoring opportunity.


Gold Coast South 5.5.35 DEF Brisbane North 3.4.2

Goal Kickers

Gold Coast South – Sam Carter 1, Jack Wingrave 1, Beau Kelly 1, Sam Hope 1, Kyriel Pope 1

Brisbane North – Kaleb Pascoe 2, Jack Gallaher 1


Gold Coast South – Coby Williams, Angus Phelan, Ashton Crossley, Jack Johnston, Connor Harris, Ethan Dawson

Brisbane North – Harrison Samakrovski, Fraser Masin, Max Clayton, Will Martyn, Finn Mitchell

Coaches Comments

Gold Coast South – nil

Brisbane North – Beaten at contested footy, didn’t spread well, had chances in last quarter but couldn’t convert


Gold Coast North 12.2.74 DEF NQ Central 3.2.20

Goal Kickers

Gold Coast North – Connor Budarick 3, Dillon Lewis 3, Kye Sunderland 2, Lachlan James 1, Harry Rendell 1, James Smith 1, Gaberiel Tutu 1

NQ Central – Geordie Power 1, Jack Clark 1, Mitch Healy 1


Gold Coast North – Connor Budarick, Mitch Fitzpatrick, James Mohr, Harry Rendell, Mathew Fraser

NQ Central – Max Newman, Gracen Sproule, Brock Tye, Trey Dummett, Leon Gurruwiwi

Coaches Comments

Gold Coast North- nil

NQ Central – Started the game really well with great tackle pressure in the first quarter.  Faded away in the second half and couldn’t maintain, the opposition were able to find space and outrun us.


NQ Northern 11.7.73 DEF PNG 3.2.20 (NQ Northern result sheet not supplied)

Goal Kickers

NQ Northern – Cameron Wilson 4, Michael Selsby 2, Sam Lindenmayer, Daniel Davidson, Leon Wren, Philemon Baira, Hamuo Tubai-Fidow,

PNG – Adrian Roge 2, Lawrence Pagol 1


NQ Northern – Jai Newell, Daniel Davidson, Hamuo Tubai-Fidow, Leon Wren, Cameron Wilsoin

PNG – Hewago-Paul Oea, Charilong Gilipu, Balthasar Talania, Carl Kaiyage, Aldan Schmidth, Ismael Kaimur, Lawrence-Piskaut Pagol

Coaches Comments

NQ Northern – Great game with a showcase of skill. PNG presuure and intensity was fantastic. FNQ skill and hard running willed them over the line

PNG – nil

Sunshine Coast 11.8.74 DEF Brisbane South West 5.6.36

Goal Kickers

Sunshine Coast – Sam Butler 3, Noah Cumberland 2, Carter Michael 1, Tom Wischnat 1, Kobe Tozer 1, Will McKenzie 1, Lachie Smith 1, Bruce Reville 1

Brisbane South West – James Ward 2, Charlie Thorpe 1, Matthew Tsimpikas 1, Sean Ryan 1


Sunshine Coast – Kelly Castle, Lochie Barry, Sam Butler, Tom Wischnat, Carter Michael

Brisbane South West – Charlie Thorpe, Zane Lovell, Nicholas Waite, Matthew Tsimpikas, James Ward

Coaches Comments

Sunshine Coast – nil

Brisbane South West – Great effort by the boys.  A bit undermanned in size, but stuck to the game plan.  Defence is an area to work on moving forward.  Very happy with the endeavour and enthusiasm.


PNG 6.9.45 DEF Brisbane North 4.3.27

Goal Kickers

PNG – Hewago-Paul Oea 1, Callumn Harrison 1, Gerald Funke 1, Ismael Kaimur 1, Charilong Gilipu 1, Adrian Roge 1

Brisbane North – Ky Mckenzie 1, Hugo Thew 1, Ethan Aridis 1, Fraser Masin 1


PNG – Hewago-Paul Oea, Clifford Poke, Gideon Patrick, Louis Kangol, Charilong Gilipu, Elizah Boas, Wayne Keu, Ngaffin Jnr Kera

Brisbane North – Jack Donoghue, Max Clayton, Harry Samarovski, Will Martyn, Jack Paterson

Coaches Comments

PNG – Terrific effort for all four quarters, played to our strengths.  Tackled very well and worked hard for each other. Looking forward to the next challenge.

Brisbane North – PNG were able to beat us at the contested football and their leg speed allowed them to spread from the contest.  In the last quarter we started to use the ball better, and our tall targets started to hold their marks.  Unfortunately it was too little, too late.


NQ Northern 6.7.43 DEF Gold Coast South 6.3.39

Goal Kickers

NQ Northern – Jai Newell 2, Cameron Wilson 1, Alex Davies 1, Jesse Davis 1, Kingston Kris 1

Gold Coast South – Jack Wingrave 2, Alex Fry 1, Ethan Dawson 1, Callum Van Den Driest 1, Kyriel Pope 1


NQ Northern – Braden Deslandes, Jai Newell, Philemon Baira, Tom West, Hamiso Tubai-Fidow

Gold Coast South – Elijah Semaan, Coby Williams, Ashton Crossley, Jack Wingrave, Indigo Spinks

Coaches Comments

NQ Northern – Great start by the boys kicking 5 first quarter goals, credit to Gold Coast for a great fight back.  Great to celebrate a win.

Gold Coast South – not supplied


Gold Coast North 10.7.67 DEF Sunshine Coast 1.5.11

Goal Kickers

Gold Coast North – Dillon Lewis 2, Riley Coombes 2, Trent Fisher 1, Mathew Fraser 1, Joshua Molloy 1, Connor Budarick 1, Kye Sunderland 1, Luke Peters 1

Sunshine Coast – Carter Michael 1


Gold Coast North – Mitch Fitxpatrick, Jack James, Matt Fraser, James Smith, Josh Molloy

Sunshine Coast – Rick Worth, Noah Cumberland, Kobe Tozer, Carter Michael, Ethan Patton

Coaches Comments

Gold Coast North – Great team effort, never stopped playing our structures.

Sunshine Coast – Gold Coast were too good!  They are a well drilled, attacking football side.  They played a great brand of football and will be hard to beat.


Moreton Bay 11.12.78 DEF Brisbane South West 2.6.18

Goal Kickers

Moreton Bay – Lachlan McCormick 2, Ronan Mayes 2, Jarryd Ricker 1, Lleyten Jarrett 1, Jayden Curtis 1, Thomas Mabin 1, Riley Royds 1, Matt King 1, Lachlan Smith 1

Brisbane South West – Justus Liddicoat 2


Moreton Bay – Matthew King, Thomas Mabin, Niam Mayes, Ronan Mayes, Lleyten Jarrett

Brisbane South West – James Ward, Tyler Debney, Zane Lovell

Coaches Comments

Moreton Bay – Kept to structures well through the mid-field.  Forward entries were numerous, but we are looking for better efficiency in the next game.  Players were hard at the contest, which allowed outside run.

Brisbane South West – Another tough game today up against a strong Moreton Bay side.  The boys displayed some great passages of play, linking up the handballs and preparing to run and take a bounce along the wing.  Credit must be given to the backline for the sustained pressure and effort for the entire game.


Brisbane South East 4.10.34 DEF NQ Central 3.10.28

Goal Kickers

Brisbane South East – Joshua Brown 1, Jack Bloomfield, Jakob Damsma, Tom Jeffrey

NQ Central – Blake Stebbings 1, Gracen Sproule 1, Geordie Power 1


Brisbane South East – Tom Jeffrey, Lachlan Jones, Josh Hammond, Will Kerr, Tyler Bain

NQ Central – Gracen Sproule, Geordie Power, Zanna Stevenson, James Richardson, Kaleb Hurst

Coaches Comments

Brisbane South East – Solid team performance.  Players executed game plan.  Embraced physical side of the contest, which was lacking in game 1

NQ Central – Went out with the intention of playing four quarters of footy, the boys stuck at it for all four, only losing the lead in the final minute.  Players were given a job, some played well out of their comfort zone and applied themselves really well.  Massive improvement from game 1 to game 2, looking to further improve in game 3.


NQ Northern 9.12.66 DEF Brisbane North3.3.21

Goal Kickers

NQ Northern – Hamiso Tubai-Fidow 2, Jai Newell 2, Cameron Wilson 1, Leon Wren 1, Daniel Davidson 1, Sammy Bowenda 1, Tom West 1,

Brisbane North – Max Clayton 1, Tom O’Donnell 1, Jack Paterson 1


NQ Northern – Jai Newell, Hamiso Tubai-Fidow, Tiko Twist, Jesse Davis, Rory Shelton

Brisbane North – Max Clayton, Harrison Samarkovski, Harry Wilson, Jack Paterson, Will Martyn

Coaches Comments

NQ Northern – Slow start for our boys, goalless for the first half due to great pressure from Brisbane North.  Played good team footy in the second half to run away with the game.

Brisbane North – Started well, the ball use was outstanding in patches as we controlled momentum.  After half time our work rate dropped and our two way running wasn’t at the expected standard.  Their leg speed allowed them to spread from the contest and move the ball with speed.


Sunshine Coast 7.11.53 DEF Brisbane South East6.9.45

Goal Kickers

Sunshine Coast – Lachie Barry 1, Kobe Tozer 1, Noah Cumberland 1, Bruce Reville 1

Brisbane South East – Lachlan Jones 2, Jakob Damsma 1, Jacob Apted 1, Blake Coleman 1, Jack Moseley


Sunshine Coast – Noah Cumberland, Rick Wirth, Kobe Tozer, Bruce Reville, Lachie Barry

Brisbane South East – Joshua Brown, Jack Moseley, Will Kerr

Coaches Comments

Sunshine Coast – Very even game of football, both sides played well.  Good skill and effort on show and a great way to end the carnival.

Brisbane South East – Boys stuck to the game plan well.  Basic skills are an area of improvement going forward but couldn’t fault the boys effort and endeavour.


Gold Coast North 7.5.47 DEF PNG 4.7.31

Goal Kickers

Gold Coast North – Dillon Lewis 2, Gabriel Tutu 2, Josh Molloy 1, Matt Fraser 1, Bryce Milford 1

PNG – Adrian Roge 2, Aldan Schmidth 1, Nelson Ulume 1


Gold Coast North – Connor Budarick, Mitchell Fitzpatrick, Dillon Lewis, Matt Fraser, Josh Mohr

PNG – Hewago Paul Oea, Aldan Schmidth, Nelson Ulume, Adrian Roge, Elizah Boas, Ismael Kaimur, Lawrence Piskaut Pagol, Nathan Sakias, Sumakas Jnr Dokup

Coaches Comments

Gold Coast North – Great contest from start to finish.  Happy to finish the carnival on a high note.

PNG – Terrific week of footy by the PNG boys, we battled well against the Gold Coast team.  After a slow first three quarters the boys kicked into gear to play our fast, hard footy and won the last quarter.  Very pleasing to see the boys fight to the end.



NQ Central 12.15.87 DEF Brisbane South West 4.4.28

Goal Kickers

NQ Central – Max Daunt 4, Kaleb Hurst 4, Caleb Bird 1, Jack Clark 1, Brock Tye 1, Lachlan Mathews 1

Brisbane South West – Matthew Tsimpikas 1, Rowan Anderson 3


NQ Central – Blake Jones, Max Daunt, Gracen Sproule, Adam Fedor, Thomas Hills

Brisbane South West – Tyler Debney, Riley Borthwick-Hunter, Nick Howard, Rowan Anderson

Coaches Comments

NQ Central – Boys all fulfilled their roles today to the best of their ability, resulting in a great win on the final day.  Switch of play and new midfield play resulted in some great goals showing the boys that the game plan worked.

Brisbane South West – Can’t fault the effort, result didn’t reflect that.


Gold Coast South 11.7.73 DEF Moreton Bay 5.3.33

Goal Kickers

Gold Coast South – Ashton Crossley 2, Jack Johnston 2, Elijah Semaan 2, Sam Carter 2, Corey Joyce 2, Ethan Dawson 1

Moreton Bay – Thomas Mabin 2, Ronan Mayes 1, Riley Royds 1, Niam Mayes 1


Gold Coast South – Jack Johnston, Ashton Crossley, Jack Wingrave, Liam O’Brien, Indigo Spinks, Sam Carter

Moreton Bay – Ronan Mayes, Niam Mayes, Mitchell Tidbull, Mitchell Lowrie, Matthew King

Coaches Comments

Gold Coast South – nil

Moreton Bay – Contested well, just weren’t clean enough when in possession of the ball.  Good work rate but use of the footy was inconsistent.



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