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As we know the QAFL is in full swing and as tradition dictates, clubs are doing a fine job of keeping players who might be getting a bit of a head wobble, in line. We’re talking about the fine art of the media fine, which is why this week’s post of the week, goes to Chris James.

Chris’s reply to the promotional video the Western Magpies made, together with Toowoomba Regional Council, featuring Magpie Brodie Easton ahead of the ‘Battle of the Bush’ with Surfers Paradise, was solid gold. Here it is.


Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 10.42.50 AM

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 10.43.10 AM


Classic photos

This classic photo from the 70s, features an old Zillmere jumper worn by former player Daniel O’Brien who’s had an important influence on the Eagle’s history. O’Brien played in the early 1970s before a broken jaw ended his football career prematurely. Following in his footsteps, his sons played for the Eagles, as well as his grandchildren, current Zillmere players Jace and Rory.

O’Brien is also the uncle of Zillmere legend David ‘Marto’ Martin and had a telling influence on Marto’s football career.


Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 9.47.32 AM


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Great QAFL names

For no particular reason, it’s time to celebrate some of the great names of the QAFL this week. Let us know if there are any we have forgotten.

Names that belong in Hollywood: Robbie Blood (Pirates of the Carribean), Liam Nelson (Taken), Kain (Harrison) Ford, Brodie Easton (Brodie Easton), (have you ever, ever felt like this) Sam Gribble

Hard working names: Mitch Brewer, Jake Goldsmith, Daniel Van De Werken

Detectives and spies: Nathan Quick, Jason Sharp, Val Pope, Jordan Mcivor-Clark

Formula 1 drivers: Rene Lefeuvre, Joshua Mazoletti, Matthew Serrurier, Hayden Carthew-Zimmer, Tom Lelasi

Game of Thrones names: Jakob De Winter (is coming), Bradley Terrell (House Terrell), Dylan Lancaster (House Lancaster) and (you know nothing) Zac Stone

High and low-end whiskey names: Joshua Threapleton, Brody Haberfield, Troy Jamieson, Jake O’Halloran, Brendan Telford, Aaron Highlands, Hugh Wadsworth, Todd Featherstone


Roof ball

Is there anything more quintessentially country footy than climbing up on a roof to collect errant footballs? This is one of our favorite photos from round four of the QAFL, so thank you to the unnamed Mt Gravatt supporter who used his climbing skills to great effect. Please note we don’t condone climbing on things because, while it looks fun, you might get hurt.




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Viking footy

Wednesday is the 17th of May, which might not mean much to most, but it’s a big day if you’re a Norwegian. The 17th is a public holiday in Norway and the Norwegians are busy attending parades, waving flags and eating ice cream to celebrate ‘constitution day.’

It’s a good time to acknowledge our European AFL players and particularly the Norwegian national AFL team, the Norway Trolls. Norway competed in the European Championships in late 2016, though it remains to be seen whether they’ll make the grade for the International Cup held in Australia this August.

Trivia: On one day every year, the 17th, Norwegian parents are not allowed to say no to their children when they ask for ice cream.





Lions attend Sunny coast carnivale

Lions Sabrina Fredrick-Traub, Thalia Randall and Shannon Campbell joined in the fun as Friday the 12th of May saw Maroochydore Multi-Sports Complex, host the fourth and final Sunshine Coast Juniors Youth Girl’s Carnival.

The carnival was even more popular than last year, which is a huge positive ahead of the Sunshine Coast Youth Girls season, kicking of this Friday night, the 19th of May.


Carnival 1






By Sean Melrose

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