Tuesday Talking Points

Roo beauty

I’ve seen a few strange occurrences at the footy in my time, but I’ve never seen a Kangaroo hop through the middle of a warm up. On Friday night at Ipswich, Skippy decided he was a bit chilly from the wind, and wanted to bounce around and get warm. He came close to a couple of possessions as well, before finding a gap in the gate and heading off into the darkness. Hopping mad if you ask me.



Not even a current day AFL star could stay away from the QAFL last weekend. Melbourne Demon’s player, and Sandgate/Aspley product, Josh Wagner returned to Lemke Road on Saturday to cheer on the Hawks. With Melbourne having the bye last weekend, he was back visiting family. Good to see he hadn’t thrown out the Hawks jumper.


The bounce

Umpires bouncing the ball in the middle of the ground can sometimes be a contentious issue, which is why it’s important to give credit where credit is due. On Friday night out at Ipswich, after a couple of practice goes at half time, Courtney Gibson went four from four perfect centre circle bounces. Seriously, you couldn’t get four more consistent bounces if you tried. Well played.


Picnic in the Park

How does a nice relaxing lunch in the park with the picnic rug sound? Good? Thought so. This Sunday, AFL Queensland is hosting a picnic at the Brisbane City Botanic Gardens. Why there you ask? This was the place the first game of Australian Football in Queensland was played, way back in 1866. Pack up your picnic rug and come and celebrate 150 years of footy in the sunshine state. More info HERE


The biggest and the best

Kids, just because it’s holidays doesn’t mean the footy stays in the cupboard. This Sunday, at the Picnic in the Park, kids aged 5-12 years have the chance to come to the Brisbane Botanic Gardens and participate in the Worlds Biggest Junior Clinic … for free! Kicking, handballing, marking and running, you bet it will all be covered throughout the day. How awesome does that all sound? As spots are limited, make sure you register HERE, which is also where you will find all the info for day. The World’s Biggest Junior Clinic… has a nice ring to be a part of.


Deeper than the far end of the swimming pool

We all know how good of a football side Maroochydore’s QFA North senior team are, they are sitting on top of the ladder for a very good reason. What isn’t reported on as much though is the depth they have. Not only are their reserves also sitting on top of the ladder undefeated, but so are their Colts…in a 19 team competition which includes all QAFL clubs. When you add to that the club’s QWAFA team also yet to lose a game, the amount of talent floating around Fishermans Road at the moment is unbelievable.



The Allies played their third game of the Division 1 Championship in Melbourne last Friday, and our Queensland boys put on a show. Jack Bowes (20 disposals and seven inside 50s), Brad Scheer, and Jacob Allison were all named in the best six, and Allison and Jack Rolls hit the scoreboard with a goal each. Their final game in Allies colours will be tomorrow when they take on Vic Country at Simonds Stadium from 4:45pm.

By Andrew Wiles

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