Tuesday Talking Points

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Tuesday Talking Points


On Saturday, one of the champions of the Wynnum Football Club played in game 200. Steve McInerney added ‘200 game player’ next to his list of achievements, which includes ‘three time premiership player.’ No doubt about it, he will be forever remembered as one of the best players to pull on the boots at the Vikings.



THAT celebration

If you were one of over 501,000 people who tuned in to watch the AFL Women’s Exhibition game on Sunday, you would have seen THAT celebration. When Queensland superstar Tayla Harris kicked the second goal of the game, she turned to Ellie Blackburn and gave it a bit of happy to blank face action. I dare say the girls put a bit of time into that one pre-game. A very memorable moment from a history making day. The game even out-rated the Adelaide vs. Essendon game!


Quicky and Haley go triple figures

By the end of this weekend, two of Broadbeach’s finest will have notched up game 100 for the club. On Saturday, Nathan Quick raised the bat against UQ, and this week, Taylor Haley will ton up against Morningside. Both have plenty of good football ahead of them, so they are the blokes you can build a team around for a real crack in 2016.


Have you seen the bus?

There are a lot of buses on the road these days, but one should stand out to all Queensland footy fans. The Park Ridge Pirates put the wheels in motion with Bus Queensland to get a Pirate themed bus on the road, which has come up a treat. The Pirates are also involved in the Talk Like a Pirate fundraiser for the Childhood Cancer Support group, a fitting theme. Some may say the bus looks arhhhhright. Keep one eye out for it.

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A draw

As the Wilston Grange and Labrador seniors were in the sheds warming up, they were missing one of the games of the season between their reserves. The competition is very even this year. On their day, most teams are capable of beating the other, proven on Saturday when first played third, and they couldn’t be split.  In the last three minutes of the game, Wilston Grange kicked one from the pocket, before Labrador went up the other end with an immediate response to put them one –point up. 20 seconds later, the ball sailed through just left of the goal post up the Gorillas end, and the siren went. One would think these two teams will get a look at each other again before the years out, and it will be a belter.

By Andrew Wiles – @andrewjwiles

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