Tough start for QLD in Country Champs

Queensland have encountered a tough day one in Wagga Wagga at the 2012 Australian Country Football Championships, losing all three matches.

Day 1 – Thursday July 19 2012

NSW-ACT 3.3 8.3 (51) defeated QLD 2.4 2.6 (18)                       
Goals: (NSW-ACT) J Maher 5, M Geppert, S Milne, B Filo (QLD) A Macqueen, T Upton
Best: (NSW-ACT) C White, J Maher, S Lee-Steere, D Rampe, G Orton, J Anstee (QLD) R Holman, D Dzufer, C Brown, S Brown, B Hards, M I’Anson

VIC 4.1 7.5 (47) defeated SA 2.1 2.1 (13)
Goals: Not provided
Best: Not provided

VIC (2) 3.3 4.6 (30) defeated NSW-ACT 1.2 3.3 (21)         
Goals: Victoria 2) S. Barnes 2, B. Dore , S. Brewster (NSW-ACT) J. Maher 2, J. Lane
Best: (Victoria 2) B. Dore, M. Wade, S. Brewster, C. Moreland, C. Porter, J. Bayliss (NSW-ACT) J. Mackie, K. Kuschert, L. Garland, J. Maher, L. Brauer, M. Carey

VIC 4.0 6.6 (42) defeated WA 1.3 3.7 (25)
Goals: (Victoria) Not provided (WA) M. Martin, M. Thomas, D. Dalby
Best: (Victoria) Not provided (WA) R. Duckworth, T. Ditchburn, J. Venturini, K. Clarkson, J. Smith, J. Gribble

SA 4.2 7.3 (45) defeated WA3.2 3.5 (23)          
Goals: (SA) T Johnson, B Murphy, S Wendelborn, R O’Grady, S Agars, L O’Neil, S Berkefeld (WA) J Smith, J Venturini, A Wallam
Best: (SA) T Tedmanson, S Berkefeld, R Francis, T Saunders, J Kellock, S Wendelborn (WA) J Venturini, K Clarkson, J Brooks, R Duckworth, L Bairstow, W Barnes

VIC (2) 3.3 10.5 (65) defeated QLD 3.2 4.2 (26)
Goals: (Vic 2) B Dore 2, S Brewster 2, S Barnes 2, M Dyer, T Coates, C Moreland, B Herdman (Qld) D Brewster, B Powell, S Brown, A Munro
Best: (Vic 2) M Dyer, J Bayliss, S Brewster, S O’Bryan, T Coates, R Sutton (Qld) R Holman, D Dzufer, N Tomlinson, D Lewis, T Upton, C Brown

NSW-ACT 4.4 6.4 (40) defeated SA 1.0 3.3 (21)
Goals: (NSW-ACT) J Maher 4, C Steele, L Garland (SA) T Tedmanson, M Altmann, S Berkefeld
Best: (NSW-ACT) L Matthews, J Mackie, B Dickson, D Rampe, G Orton, M McDonald (SA) T Wait, T Tedmanson, R Francis, S Berkefeld, J Kay, T Saunders

VIC 5.3 7.7 (49) defeated QLD 0.0 0.0 (0)
Goals: (Vic) J Berry 2, G Weeks 2, D Leslie, J Van Unen, N Scanlon (Qld) Nil
Best: (Vic) T Hartwig, M Niblett, M Prendergast, T Harris, J Berry, S Chapman (Qld) Not provided

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