Thynne earns ten as four earn the maximum: Syd Guildford Trophy Round 5

By Alice Barker

Palm Beach Currumbin midfielder Tom Thynne has rose to the top of the QAFL with the perfect ten votes in the Syd Guilford Trophy, proving his worth for Palm Beach Currumbin in their 73-point win against Morningside.

Thynne’s maximum votes caps off an incredible fortnight for the dual premiership Lion, who has racked up 19 out of 20 votes in the Syd Guildford Trophy whilst being the team’s stand-in captain.

This two-way midfielder isn’t shy with succeeding in the Syd Guilford Trophy, being a hotly voted player in last year’s season leading to him being awarded the Best and Fairest title.

Heading into this season the PBC are looking for their first hat-trick of premierships and seem to be on track with stand-out performances from teammates Angus Munro (eight) and Jason Burge (five).

A host of Tigers dominated the voting in Labrador’s thumping of Mt Gravatt with Emmanuel Baru (ten) also earning the maximum ten votes.

The former Gold Coast SUNS Academy member booted five as the Tigers claimed their first win of the season alongside Alex McKay (six), Robert Clements and Thomas Davidson (both receiving four).

Broadbeach succumbed to Surfers Paradise in the Demons’ 17-point victory but votes in the Gold Coast derby were evenly split.

Surfers midfield Jack Yelland continued the Round 5 trend, as he received ten votes for his outstanding performance that also included one goal.

Samuel Hilton-Joyce made an immediate impact at QAFL level by earning six votes following his five goal haul.

Broadbeach didn’t go down without a fight as the quality of football produced by their side meant two players made the tally this week with Jackson Fisher (eight) and Ryan Dienjes (2) also earning votes.

Western Magpies player Gareth Crawford became the fourth player to earn the maximum after guiding the Magpies to a landmark win over Sandgate.

Crawford’s efforts were followed by a bevy of Magpies and Hawks as nine players featured in the voting including Jack Goodall (four) and Daniel Edwards (four).


Palm Beach Currumbin v Morningside

10 – Thomas Thynne (Palm Beach Currumbin)

8 – Angus Munro (Palm Beach Currumbin)

5 – Jason Burge (Palm Beach Currumbin)

3 – Nicholas Crowley (Palm Beach Currumbin)

2 – Zac Harrison (Palm Beach Currumbin)

1 – John Anthony (Palm Beach Currumbin)

1 – Liam McNeven (Palm Beach Currumbin)


Broadbeach v Surfers Paradise

10 – Jack Yelland (Surfers Paradise)

8 – Jackson Fisher (Broadbeach)

6 – Samuel Hilton-Joyce (Surfers Paradise)

2 – Ryan Dienjes (Broadbeach)

2 – Brody Haberfield (Surfers Paradise)

1 – Samuel Jewell (Surfers Paradise)

1 – Kain Ford (Surfers Paradise)


Labrador v Mt Gravatt

10 – Emmanuel Baru (Labrador)

6 – Alex McKay (Labrador)

4 – Robert Clements (Labrador)

4 – Thomas Davidson (Labrador)

3 – Jonah Licht (Mt Gravatt)

2 – Dane Watmuff (Labrador)

1 – Lachlan Davidson (Labrador)


Sandgate v Western Magpies

10 – Gareth Crawford (Western Magpies)

4 – Jack Goodall (Western Magpies)

4 – Daniel Edwards (Western Magpies)

3 – Casey Barber (Sandgate)

3 – Drew Mitchell (Western Magpies)

2 – Brandon Batchelor (Sandgate)

2 – Luke Bradford (Sandgate)

1 – Riley Greene (Western Magpies)

1 – Luca Winton (Western Magpies)



19 – Jason Burge (Palm Beach Currumbin)

19 – Thomas Thynne (Palm Beach Currumbin

17 – Gareth Crawford (Western Magpies)

17 – Jackson Fisher (Broadbeach)

17 – Henry Joyce (Morningside)

15 – Jack Goodall (Western Magpies)

15 – Jack Yelland (Surfers Paradise)

13 – Mitchell McKee (Wilston Grange)

12 – Nicholas Crowley (Palm Beach Currumbin)

12 – Aaron Highlands (Western Magpies)

12 – Alex McKay (Labrador)

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