The run home: QAFA (B) North

With the QAFA (B) North teams in the home stretch of the season, we thought it’s time to take a look at where they have been, and what is ahead of them in 2015. Check it out, club by club, below.



The past

7-4, and near on a 50 per cent advantage over second place. Things are tracking along nicely for the Roos this year. They beat Gympie by 26-points in round 2, but roles were reversed in round 6, and Gympie got them again in round 10, showing that even though they are on top, 2015 is tight.

The future

Three games to go means they all play each other one more time. The clear pick of those games will be against Gympie in round 14 at home. If they can square the ledger with them, top spot should be theirs.

Jeremy Cockram has been the go to up forward this year, having a very good season.



The past

Level on points with Maroochydore, this year is just heating up. They have played the Roos three times to date, and are ahead 2-1. They went down to Pomona in round 5, but got one back over them in round 9 by eight-points.

The future

With a lesser percentage then Maroochydore, you would think they they would have to win all three games in the run home, which they are more capable of. Round 14 against Maroochydore becomes an eight-point game, and really a battle for the minor premiership.

23 goals must be the magic number, because Adam Hendry has also kicked that amount from his 11 games.


Bribie Island

The past

At 4-7, their third spot is pretty much locked in at this stage of the season. They got very close to Maroochydore in round 1, and have knocked off Pomona three times from three starts this year.

The future

They will go in heavy favorites in their round 14 game against Pomona, and are definitely more than a sneaky chance against Gympie a week later.

Blake Wilson has been a standout this year for the Bulldogs, getting a heap of the footy.



The past

It’s been a pretty difficult year for Pomona this year with just the two wins. Their round 5 game against Gympie has definitely been the highlight, getting over the top of the Cats by 38-points against the odds.

The future

They get their chance to prove that round 5 was no fluke when they take on Gympie again. If they play as well as they did last time, a win is certainly not out of the question.

David Ferris has been very consistent this year for the Demons.

By Andrew Wiles

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