The QAFL Top 50 is coming…

The 2015 footy season might be over, but the analysis doesn’t stop.

Starting next Monday, AFL Queensland Community Football Writer Andrew Wiles, and Wilston Grange Coach Matt Trewhella (who only ranked non Wilston Grange players to remain objective) will be releasing their Top 50 QAFL Players of 2015.

Each day, ten players names will be announced, starting at the number 50 player on Monday, and working down to number one on Friday.

These players were judged and ranked by three categories:

  • Influence
    • What has each player’s impact on games been like? How much did they impose themselves, and how much of a difference did they directly make throughout the year?
  • Ability to change a game
    • Have they been able to turn a game around themselves and shift momentum? It may have been by a few marks, their disposal, goals, or shutting an opposition player down.
  • Consistency
    • How often were they good? Was it just a couple of games, or have they done it all year


It isn’t just about who gets the most disposals, or who gets the most goals. The bigger picture is taken into account.

So now that you know how it works, what should it look like? Which players deserve to be in contention for the top 50, or even the top 10?

Who do you think has met these three categories the best this year, and will take out the number one spot?

With just six days until the first names are dropped, jump on our Facebook page HERE or our twitter account HERE and have your say.

Log onto every weekday next week from 2pm each day to see the next ten players who have made the cut.

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