The Price of success

By Byron Parish

Volunteers are the driving force behind community football.

These are the people that donate time and effort to ensure a club thrives and performs as well off the field, as they do on.

Joelyne ‘Jo’ Price is one of these volunteers.

She has contributed at many organisations including AFL Brisbane Juniors, Metropolitan North School Sport, Queensland School Sport and Kelvin Grove State College.

Her support of both junior and senior level football continues to this day, with roles as treasurer for AFL Brisbane Juniors and Secretary for the Mayne Tigers.

Often seen as a mother figure around the grounds, Jo is most at home chatting to players and supporters, often chasing down players for their registration.

Her dedication and genuine love of people has led to her being one of the most popular members of the Tigers’ board and around the club.

Jo’s first exposure to junior sport came in 1999, when she became secretary for the Tigers’ Junior Club, the team her son James would play at for the best part of the next decade.

Contributing to the community and the sense of gratification is what drives Jo, she said, riding the highs and lows along the way.

“This sounds a bit clichéd, but it is the feeling of community and being a part of something, I’ve made some great friends, I’ve witnessed a lot of terrific (and not so terrific!) kids grow up into lovely adults and I’m able to be involved with good people who are doing the same as me for the same reasons,” she said.

“I’m not about the win/loss tally, for me it’s all about kids kicking footies and enjoying it.

“The human element; the good, the bad, and the bandaged: that’s what makes it meaningful and special to me.”

Jo has worked in many different positions over the years, often covering multiple roles for the benefit of the club.

In 2002 she took over team management roles for the Under 14 and Under 16 teams, positions she would hold until 2004.

Juggling her roles at the Tigers with her son’s schooling, Jo worked on Kelvin Grove College’s anniversary committee as vice-president, before becoming president of the school’s P and C in 2000.

Combining many passions, she volunteered with Metropolitan North and Queensland sport, school representative programs, convening trials and managing teams at state trials for Queensland Water Polo, Australian Football and girls Basketball teams.

She has served on the AFL Brisbane Juniors Board of Management since 2007, and as AFL Brisbane Juniors Director Cherie Brockwell said, has established a connection with junior football using her community-first attitude.

“My fondest memory is looking at Jo and going, ‘you’re here for Brisbane Juniors Finals, but you seem to know every second or third person that you pass’,” said Brockwell.

“There’s a lot of community awareness about who she is and what she does for AFL.

“[Jo] is a lady that isn’t afraid to put her hand up and help out too, rather than one who stands behind the scenes and criticize.”

Brockwell said that it is Jo’s hard-working demeanour and positive attitude that will be remembered long after she ‘hangs up the boots’.

“The legacy she has left is her commitment and dedication, [and] I think she brings that to the table to whoever/whichever area that she’s working in and I think she generally has a passion for junior football, and she understands how important it is to build that foundation as a pathway for senior football,” said Brockwell.

Jo has always pledged her support and service beyond what was required, and as such has been recognised by almost every organisation she has worked for, taking home numerous club person of the year awards.

One man she has had significant influence on over the last 15 years is current Mayne Reserve Grade Premiership Captain Jaxon Quaife.

“Jo has played a massive part in my time at Mayne,” said Quaife.

“She does absolutely heaps around the club and we can’t thank her enough. Possibly one of the nicest ladies I’ve ever met, always happy to have a chat about anything, she has too many quality traits to mention in such a short time.”

So what’s next for Jo Price? Adamant it isn’t in the canteen, she says she’d love to continue her service for a few more years yet.

“My dream is to be taller, but I think I need to let that one go!” she said.

“I think I’ve got a few more seasons…unless I win the lotto!”

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