Competition for positions heats up amongst the Lions

By AFLQ Media

The competition amongst the AFLW Lions squad is running hot, with Coach Craig Starcevich admitting he’s finding it hard to narrow down his best 21 players for round one. 

It will be a hungry side who’ll take to the park in this Saturday’s practise match against the Gold Coast SUNS, the players out not just for the win, but to earn their spot ahead of the season opener. 

AFLW Lions Coach Craig Starcevich said there was genuine competition for positions right across the field.

“We’re five years in now and our list is very competitive, very deep and to find a 21 that will play round one, I couldn’t tell you what that is going to look like right now,” he said.

“I have an idea after every session, but it has changed every session.”

Starcevich advised Lions fans not to expect any major changes to the way they play their football this weekend.

“I thought we were tracking in the right direction last year,’’ he said.

“We play a dynamic brand of footy; we get after the opposition with plenty of pressure and we like to use it when we go forward.

“We think we’ve got some athleticism now in the group that is second to none, it is a case of being able to put those people in the right spots and utilising their athletic traits.

“In terms of work rate, diligence and camaraderie, it has been top notch.’’

Round one will see the Lions take on Richmond on January 31.

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