Tackle Your Feelings with AFL Queensland

AFL Queensland is proud to partner with the Tackle Your Feelings (TYF) program for a third straight year to make mental health training available to community coaches in 2023.
Tackle Your Feelings is a free mental health training program for community AFL coaches, committee members and other club support staff.
It is delivered by a local psychologist and aims to help participants gain the tools to understand, recognise and respond players who show signs they may be struggling with their mental health.
More than 2500 participants from over 200 clubs took part in the program last year with 161 workshops across the country.
The program is based on education delivered to the AFL industry and is led by high profile players and coach ambassadors like Simon Goodwin, Leon Cameron, Nathan Buckley and Bec Goddard.
Gold Coast SUNS captain Touk Miller will return as this year’s ambassador and has been a key figure in delivering the programs throughout Queensland. 
“I’m extremely honoured to once again be an ambassador for Tackle Your Feelings,” he said.
“Looking after your mental health is such an important aspect of day-to-day life in today’s society.
“As a male, you do get times where you don’t want to be very vulnerable and you don’t want to open up and talk, but it’s really important that we do.
“For me, it’s about listening to what my body and mind is saying to me and surrounding myself with people that I trust and am comfortable in opening up to.
“It’s just as important to look out for your family and friends.
“Sometimes recognising when people need support is pretty difficult and it can be hard to know how to comfort people when they do need that support.
“For myself, being able to understand how to respond to that has matured as I’ve grown as a person over time.
“I think it’s really important because it’s not the most comfortable situation to be in, but if you have a mindset where you can be vulnerable and be open to creating space for others it goes a long way.
“The work Tackle Your Feelings does in this space is so important to the community, and gives participants the tools to be able to understand, recognise and respond to signs of mental ill-health from people around them.”
Coaching Development and Education Lead Queensland, Jack Barry, said AFL Queensland was excited to welcome back Tackle Your Feelings sessions during the 2023 community football season.
“This fantastic program is one all community clubs would benefit from,” he said.
“Once coaches complete the training which is a 90W-minute face-to-face workshop and online modules, they will have access to resources including blogs, podcasts and videos to assist with their ongoing learning.
“Participating clubs are eligible for the Tackle Your Feelings rewards program, which includes footballs, equipment, and access to program ambassadors.
“I believe this is an invaluable opportunity for club leaders to gain a great skillset that will open up important conversations with club members around mental health.”
Tackle Your Feelings is a free program and is available to your club in 2023.
To get involved in the program, register your interest, or find out more, email Jack.Barry@afl.com.au

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