Statement re. AFL Mackay Grand Finals

On Thursday (26 August), Harrup Park advised AFL Queensland that they had secured three international women’s ODI fixtures and as a result AFL Mackay would be unable to host the six Grand Finals booked for Saturday, 11 September.

An alternate format for games to be played at Harrup Park was suggested by the venue, which only permitted one game to be played on Field One that would have seen the centre circle be off centre in order to protect the wicket area.

This option was not feasible for our clubs, players or spectators due to Grand Final’s being the pinnacle day in the AFL Mackay calendar.

As such we will be seeking an alternate venue.

This outcome is disappointing as Harrup Park is regarded as the best venue in the City with a first class field of play and broadcast quality lighting.

We look forward to delivering a successful day of Grand Finals to celebrate the efforts of all players, administrators and volunteers who support AFL across the region.

Our Supporters