South Queensland Representative Squad Named

The South Queensland squad set to take on North Queensland, in a representative curtain raiser on July 22, has been named. The match will take place prior to the Western Bulldogs versus Gold Coast SUNS AFL clash in round 18.

Former Saint and Brisbane Bear Danny Craven will be coaching the side, scheduled to start training in the coming weeks.

Craven brings a wealth of experience, having coached West Brisbane, Mt Gravatt and Mayne to premierships, as well as coaching the South Queensland side in 2016.

For Craven though, community footy is just as passion inducing and exciting as the AFL.

“Community footy is every bit as exciting and passionate as it is at the highest level, there’s no doubt about that. I like to think that we can bring some passion back at all grass roots levels, it doesn’t really matter what grade you play, footy is a passionate game,” said Craven.

When it comes to selection, there are some logistical challenges, but the end result is worth it.

“We’re sort of selecting from five different regions, or competitions,” said Craven.

“So you can’t really go and watch those players, you’ve gotta talk to the relevant people in those zones.

“Our aim is to really provide a great representative program for all those guys at the grass roots (level), regardless of the competition they’re playing in, to come together and get the best of the best out there.”

Craven, who has also previously coached the Brisbane Lions reserves, is looking forward to getting his players to representing their region with spirit, as opposed to making things too complicated.

“It’s about representing your jumper and representing the bloke that’s alongside you,” said Craven.

“It’s nice to have game plans and try and trick it up a bit and all that sort of stuff, but we just want them to play with effort and spirit on the day.”


South Queensland Squad

QFA Division 1

Bond University

  • Edward Burrows-Cheng
  • Benjamin Merrett


  • Brandon Edwards
  • Samuel Sandford


  • Quinten Ross
  • Christopher Taylor
  • Christopher Smout


  • Michael Artis
  • Thomas Mathews
  • Joseph Taranto
  • Ben Gibson
  • Brandon Stewart


  • Jacob Simpson
  • Tyle Williams
  • Jackson Ryan
  • Daniel Dzufer
  • Benjamin Cadzow
  • Samuel Mckenzie


  • Jasper Craven
  • Jack Collings
  • Zac Mclean
  • Jack Coghlan


  • Thomas Templeton
  • Jai Fitzpatrick


  • Zaine Pringle
  • Callum Eddy
  • Rowan Page


  • Glenn Boyd


QFA Division 2

Alexandra Hills

  • Lachlan Reilly


  • Luke Bradford
  • Lachlan Harris
  • Tom Watson


  • Declyn Goode


  • Daniel Duffield


  • Timothy Plummer

Moreton Bay

  • Jonathan Giles
  • James Cullum


AFL Darling Downs

University AFC

  • Tyhe Clarkson

Dalby AFC

  • Steven Tapp

South Toowoomba

  • Jonathan Leidig


AFL Northern Rivers

Byron Bay

  • Matthew Caris
  • William McBride
  • Jordan Bourke


AFL Wide Bay

Across the Waves

  • Patrick Power


  • Bronzen Rowlands

Hervey Bay Bombers

  • Luke O’Toole



By Sean Melrose

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