Silver accreditation for Kenmore

By Grant Hitzman

Kenmore JAFC has been awarded Silver level accreditation in the Swisse Quality Club program for their continued efforts at a variety of administration and managerial levels.

Kenmore has a short, but proud history in Australian football. Brisbane Lions premiership player, Mal Michael and ex-St Kilda key defender, Max Hudghton, are notable names that started their careers with the proud junior club.

With 200+ registered players in 19 teams and close to 100 kids participating in Auskick programs, the Bears are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing Australian football clubs in Brisbane.

The club prides itself on being family orientated, placing specific importance on safe and comfortable environments where children and parents can enjoy the game together.

The Bears’ overall philosophy is that junior football is intended to be a fun and enjoyable growing experience, where all members of the community are encouraged to engage in the competitive spirit of the game.

Silver accreditation displays Kenmore’s leadership in club development, the ability to create quality environments and most importantly, a first class administration system.

Kenmore secretary, Ian Fraser, spoke of the importance of striving for Silver accreditation and the future plans of the club.

“Silver accreditation gives us the ability to manage things at our club more efficiently,” said Fraser.

“We are a non-for profit organisation that relies on volunteers to help us with day-to-day football operations.

“Silver status helps us bring more people and opportunities for sponsors and funding into the club, which is extremely important.

“The accreditation also gives us deserved recognition for some really hard work and shows other clubs that we are a professionally run organisation.

“Gold accreditation is on our agenda for 2014 and it is something we are definitely looking towards.”

As part of their achievements, Kenmore will receive entry into $500 weekly prize packages that assist clubs with training and development.

Accreditation is reviewed annually and Kenmore will have the opportunity to go for Gold level status in 2014.

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