SEQAFL competitions restructure announced

AFL Queensland today announced changes to South East Queensland Community Football Competitions which will see the introduction of a Queensland Australian Football League (QAFL) state league competition.

AFL Queensland met with Allied Pickfords Cup and SEQAFL Division two and three clubs on July 21 to discuss possible changes to the existing community football competition structure, and to allow clubs to offer suggestions and feedback on any of these.

In this meeting, the community football administration presented four different competition structures for 2014 -2017 for clubs to take back to their various stakeholders for survey.

Clubs were asked to vote on their preferred community competition structure with the majority of clubs voting for the state league headlined option.

AFL Queensland Community Football Manager, Cherie Brockwell, said 76% of those who completed the survey voted for the QAFL.

“The response was overwhelmingly positive and supportive of the proposed State league option,” said Brockwell.

“By providing an open and transparent process we have engaged our stakeholders and put them in charge of reshaping the competition and deciding their future.  

“We will continue to work together with clubs until the process is finalised.”

Clubs who have indicated that they wish to play in the QAFL state league have until the August 30 to submit license applications.

Until this process is completed the underpinning competition structures will not announced.

Finalised competition structures will be provided to all clubs by the 20th September.

2014 – 2017 Community Football Competition Structure

QAFL State League

QFA Northern and Southern Conference

QAFA Amateurs A Grade

QAFA Amateurs B Grade (North, Central and South)

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