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Coorparoo vs. Springwood
Saturday September 10, 2:00pm, Leyshon Park Yeronga

No, you’re not having a case of déjà vu. Twelve months after their last Grand Final chapter, we are back again.

Springwood are going for three in a row, while Coorparoo want to be crowned the final QFA South Premiers before we start the new competition structure in 2017.

Despite losing last years Grand Final, Coorparoo has been the hunted in 2016… top of the ladder, 15 wins, and two losses.

But – and there is always a but – those two loses in the home and away season were at the hands of the Pumas.

The last time they met was two weeks ago in the second week of finals. On that day, it was the Kings who broke the hoodoo with an 11-point victory.

If we go by their last two encounters … the quicker it is, the more end-to-end it is, the more open it is, the better off Coorparoo will be.

If they are allowed to be mobile at the stoppages, isolate their key forwards one-on-one, and are given space at the back of the stoppage, they will be hard to keep down.

Springwood isn’t slow, but they like to pull the trigger. It’s more about the percentages for them. 

When the ball needs to be run, they run it, but it they can control the contested ball, use it well by foot and then shoot through a hole when it opens up, that’s how they win this game.

Springwood coach Adrian Wallin and Coorparoo’s Rory Lake know a lot about each other on the field, and they know who to stop.

What will be interesting is to see if one of them is holding an ace up their sleeve; something or someone we haven’t seen much of in the last two years.

Coorparoo’s Mitch Enright and Springwood’s Zaine Pringle are massive barometers for each side. If one of them has the game by the throat, it will go a long way to winning.

It’s going to be high scoring; 100-points might not win it.



Coorparoo vs. Springwood
Saturday September 10, 11:15am, Leyshon Park

It’s fitting that these two teams are squaring off, because they have been the standouts this year.

For Coorparoo, 2016 could not have gone any better…so far.

They are unblemished and have had some resounding wins along the way.

None were more impressive than their win to get into the Grand Final; against Springwood two weeks ago.

On that day, they defeated the Pumas by 141-points. Nope, that’s not a typo

Springwood is hoping that was just an off day, which I think it was.

A month before that, when they played on a Wednesday night at Giffin Park, the Kings were victorious, but only by 19-points, which is a much better reflection on how these two teams stack up against each other.

The Kings are in the box seat, no doubt about that, but I think I will be a lot closer than two weeks ago and, we only have to look at a few other competitions across South East Queensland this year to know that just because you’re undefeated, doesn’t mean you’re untouchable.

When you look across the Coorparoo goal-kicking list, despite some of the monstrous scores they have kicked, there isn’t a standout.

That means one thing, they all chip in. The Springwood back six are going to have to work together, and lock down on the forward line as a whole, not one particular individual.

Robert Jard is the man Springwood needs to have a big afternoon. 

He has probably been their most consistent this year, and holds the key to a Pumas flag.

First quarter is going to be massive in the overall look of this one.



South East Suns vs. Kedron
Saturday September 10, 2:00pm. Tidbold Park

These two teams have been a class above this year. They more than deserve to be playing off in the final game of the season.

The Suns were agonisingly close to holding up the cup in 2015, while Kedron has showed no signs of slowing down following their promotion from the QAFA (B) Central competition.

The Suns have been the standouts this year and will start as firm favorites.

They are yet to lose a game in 2016 and have been comfortable victors over the Lions in all three games.

The latest was just two weeks ago, when they locked horns for a direct route to the Grand Final.

On that day, the Suns started like a house on fire, up by nine goals at the half-time break, before cruising to a comfortable 24-point win.

I can guarantee you one thing, the key forwards in this game are going to have a massive say in the result.

Up one end for the Suns is Trent McIntyre, who has booted 111 goals so far this year. When he sticks those big levers up at the footy, he is hard to stop.

Down the other for the Lions is George Fitzgibbon, who equaled McIntyre on 111 after playing a couple of extra finals games in the last three weeks.

Fitzgibbon will hit up at the footy hard, but is just as dangerous when it hits the deck; a very difficult match up for any backline.

They are both going to want to play direct football, straight down the middle.

They both need to put a lot of work into stopping the transition, forcing the turnover and catching the opposition defence on the hop.

If Kedron are close at half time, this should go down to the wire.




Redcliffe vs. South East Suns
Saturday September 10, 11:15am, Tidbold Park

Can the Suns do the QAFA (A) double, or will Redcliffe go back-to-back?

This Suns side will be kicking off what could be a massive day for their club, with the seniors running out straight after… but the Tigers want to spoil the party.

There is something special about this Redcliffe team.

It doesn’t matter how the seniors are going, they are always dangerous. 

Yes, they have kicked some big scores this year, but it’s also been about their defensive work.

Their 312 per cent after the home and away season doesn’t happen by accident.

They also know how to win them. That experience could be invaluable if it goes the distance.

These two had a good look at each other two weeks ago, but it was all yellow and black.

From the opening bounce, Redcliffe was able to choke the Suns in, but also make the most of their forward 50 entries.

The Suns need to get it on their terms early. They can’t afford to leave their run late, because if it gets to that stage, the Tigers will have put it to bed.

They are going to have to take a few risks, get the ball moving quickly, and try and beat the Tigers on the outside.

That’s easier said than done though, when you are trying to match up on the likes of Andrew Kouvaras up forward and Craig Bickerton around the footy, it’s hard work.

It’ll be on early.




Maroochydore vs. Yeronga South Brisbane

Saturday September 10, 5:00pm, Tidbold Park

It’s time to get excited, because the biggest season in QWAFA history has reached it’s final destination.

In a season of unpredictable results, Maroochydore’s form has been the constant.

It’s their first year in the competition, but they showed no signs of struggling to find their feet.

15 games, 15 wins. It doesn’t get much better than that.

They are the team to beat, no two ways about it.

Yeronga on the other hand have shown patches of sublime footy all year.

Their win over favorites Jindalee last week in the prelim final shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The Roos won the only encounter between the two by 26-points earlier this year.

It was comfortable, but it definitely wasn’t a blow out.

Maroochydore are going to try and turn this into a foot race on the outside.

They are quick, they are skilled, and they can pile on multiple goals very quickly.

When you’ve got players like league best and fairest Jemma Abbott and Kelsee Sills using the footy, something good generally happens.

For Yeronga, they need to play exactly like they did last week, with no fear.

If they roll the dice, get repeat forward 50 entries, and can defend well, they are a massive chance.

Hope Skehan has a big role to play. If she gets into the game early, Yeronga is in a good position.

If Maroochydore are in front at the long break, it will be hard to stop them capping off a perfect season.

By Andrew Wiles

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