Sandgate rally after flood devastation

The aftermath of the May 1st floods left the Sandgate Football Club looking more like Summerset Damn.

When the sun came up on Saturday morning, it was clear just how much work needed to be done in the seven days leading up to their home game against Morningside last Saturday.

The change rooms, junior storage area and canteen all had two feet of water in them.

That’s when the community stepped in.

Following a Saturday clean up of all the rooms and equipment, an SOS call was put out to the community for their help on Wednesday night to recover the ground.

They turned up in droves.

“We had 250 people rock up with rakes and buckets and big smiles ready to get into it,” President Aaron Widt said.

“There was kids with school uniforms on, all the way through to our masters side. From six year olds to 65 year olds just getting in there and getting it done together.”

In the days following the floods, getting the ground in playing condition seemed far-fetched, but they rolled their sleeves up and got the job done.

“When we rocked up there on the Saturday morning and saw all the mud through all the rooms let alone before we got thinking about the oval, it was going to be near impossible.

“I said to Michael (Conlan), we need to swap this game straight away, and probably the one after that.

“We were looking at a few weeks away from the home ground, so I would say it was a small miracle to get the thing up and running.”

In the face of adversity, the club rallied together.

“Everyone showed care and pride for the mighty Hawks and the one club spirit was incredible. It was everyone, young and old, men and women; everyone got on and got it done.”

Senior coach Graham Adams said the response was a testament to the connection between the club and it’s members.

“That’s where our club is at, everyone chips in and does a little bit so it’s fantastic,” Adams said.

“For them to do what they have done is outstanding, it’s looking a million dollars now.”

Lemke Road will be back in action this Saturday when Sandgate host UQ.

By Andrew Wiles – @andrewjwiles

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