Round 5 Syd Guildford nominee: Noa Corbett

Surfers Paradise forward Noa Corbett is the round 5 Syd Guildford player of the round nominee.

The 22-year-old stole the show in the Demons’ win over UQ on Saturday, snagging seven goals in the first half, before finishing with eight.

It was a start even he didn’t see coming.

“I have no idea what really happened to be honest, I think the bounce of the ball just went my way,” Corbett said.

You know a player is on when he kicks the first two of the game.

“It was never planned to isolate me in the forward line, but I got two quick early ones, so some the second quarter we thought we would isolate me deep, which seemed to work,” he said.

“It’s always good to get the first couple, because you get your eye in, and start to get a roll on.”

When your sitting on seven majors at half time, it would be hard not to think about kicking double figures, but Corbett did the team thing in the second half,

He worked a bit higher up the ground, which allowed Macnash to sink deeper and jag five himself.

“My opponent changed in the second half, so the role changed a bit, it was to push up the ground, get the ball down over our heads and then let us quicker guys run onto it,” he said.

Corbett – who has spent his entire footballing life at Sufers Paradise – is in fine form this year, which can be put down to one thing in particular.

“The last four years I don’t think I’ve had a proper pre-season but this year I have, so I’m feeling good at the moment,” he said.

“I started slow last year with injury, but I’m feeling good this year. I’ve been able to string some games together and play some good footy so I’m happy with the results so far.”

It’s not just Corbett’s form that has spiked in 2016; Surfers are up and about.

“I just think we are playing a lot better because the culture is a lot better this year. We are all getting along, the feeling is real good around the place, especially after a couple of wins, so we want to get into Morningside and make it three in a row,” he said

“Last year we dropped a few close ones. In time, with a bit of experience I think we will win them.

“This year we are all another year older, everyone understands the game plan put in place by Youngey and the coaching staff, so we are all getting a better understanding a better knowledge of each other.”

There’s only one goal on his mind at the moment.

“Nothing personally, I just want us to at least make finals. Then we can set ourselves on getting to the granny and winning a flag. I don’t have any personal goals, it’s just about the team winning,” Corbett said.

The team first mentality is because he loves the red and blue, and isn’t going anywhere.

“Surfers is always going to be home, it’s where my heart is,” he said.

The Demons take on Morningside this Saturday at home from 2:00pm.’

Check out our chat with Noa straight after the game.


By Andrew Wiles

PHOTO: Highflyer Images

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