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Round 3 Syd Guildford Nominee: Declan Bevan

According to Round 3 Syd Guildford nominee Declan Bevan, this was his least effective game of the season. This could be a real problem for the rest of the competition, given Bevan kicked seven goals

Bevan who dominated early, kicking three goals in the first quarter, was quick to put the emphasis on the team rather than praise his own individual effort.

“Being a team game we all played pretty well, I just seemed to be on the receiving end of a few goals which was good,” he said.

“It was really a team effort, we all stood out and played really well.”

The ANZAC day eve clash was a special moment for the club and Bevan said the team was able to get the fundamentals right.

“We had a big emphasis on tackle pressure in our game plan and we definitely followed it to a tee, the best out of all our three games,” he said.

“We were pretty pumped coming into the game it being ANZAC day and the ANZAC clash. We were really excited to play Sandgate, our cross-town rivals.

“Hopefully we can take that pressure and enthusiasm into all our games we play.”

The go-to man up forward was playing his old club and enjoyed some gentle ribbing from the crowd.

“It wasn’t too bad, a bit of banter from the sidelines but everyone out there was really good, no real grudges, they’re all good blokes,” he said.

Bevan said he hopes he can continue to kick goals for the club and that he and the team make a push for the finals.

“Consistency will be the key for me and hopefully I can keep this good run of goal kicking going,” he said.

“Same with the team success. We can keep rolling and all the good work we did in the preseason will push us through to the end of the season.

“We really want to play finals and go as far as we can. We think we can match it with the best teams going round and hopefully we can get a full healthy team on the park each week.”

 By Danny McCarthy

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