QWAFL Review: Round 3

Yeronga 9.13.67 defeated University of Queensland 5.8.38

What a game! As expected, it lived up to last week’s match of the round call.

Back and forth the ball went, and up until the last 10 minutes of the match, both teams had the win in their sights.

UQ proved that they have what it takes, moving the ball with immense speed, and showing effective defensive transition.

But, Yeronga were just too good in the end, noticeably having eight different goal kickers from nine goals scored.

A couple of late goals from Sam Virgo and Emily Bates helped saw the Devils pull away to a 29-point win.

Yeronga        3.4, 3.7, 5.11, 9.13 (67) defeated UQ   1.2, 2.7, 3.7, 5.8 (38)

UQ                  D. Jensen 2, E. Zielke, A. Mack, M. McGorm

Yeronga        J. Ransfield 2, E. Allen, J. Vandyk, K. McCarthy, E. Bliss, E. Bates, E. Fowler, S. Virgo

                  T. Joyce, S. Webb, B. Koenen, E. Zielke, M. McGorm, M. Hunt

Yeronga        E. Bates, S. Boniface, D. Wall, D. Kimmince, K. McCarthy, S. Virgo 


Ladder UQ 3rd (2 Wins), Yeronga 2nd (3 Wins)


Coach’s Thoughts:

Damien Richards, UQ

“They’re definitely a very classy side- I think they showed they are the benchmark for a reason particularly in the second half when their experience showed.”

“Our defensive pressure was good, and we really followed our game plan for the duration of the game.”

“We just need to work on our composure.”

“We weren’t too worried about the scoreboard today, we just wanted to get our plan and place, and start executing it to our ability and I think that it showed.”

Scott Stephens, Yeronga

“We’ve had a good spread of goal kickers every week; we’ve taken that pressure off the one or two key forwards, and try to spread the load.”

“They came out ready to play (UQ); we were a little flat footed and pedestrian, if it wasn’t for a couple of our key defenders than they would have definitely been ahead at half time.”

“Once we came out in the second half and started timing our run and carry, we moved the ball a lot quicker, that’s when we got away from them.”


Zillmere Eagles 17.11.113 defeated Wilston Grange 1.1.7

The score line definitely didn’t reflect the tempo of this match.

Zillmere zipped away to a quick start, scoring seven straight goals, before Wilston Grange even had a chance to think about the match.

The rapidly improving Wilston Grange defensive line worked hard in the second and third quarters to slow Zillmere down. Eventually the Gorillas registered a major.

Then came a big switch, Zillmere moved Tayla Harris to the forward line where she kicked a punishing five goals.

Zillmere  7.0, 9.2, 11.7, 17.11 (113) defeated Wilston Grange  0.1, 0.1, 1.1, 1.1 (7)

Zillmere                    T. Harris 5, M. Allen 4, L. Thompson 4, A. Gaur 3, M. Anderson

Wilston Grange     C. Daniec

T. Harris, K. Guarino, S. Klose, N. Clark, E. Brown, L. Thompson

Wilston Grange     C. Daniec, E. Gerke, H. Malone, K. McGlade, J. Hocken, G. Mooney

Ladder: Zillmere 4th (1 Win), Wilston Grange 6th  

Coach’s Thoughts:

Jacob Simmons-Bliss, Zillmere

“We were very pleased with the intent, effort and execution and the girls got the reward for it in the end.”

“It was a great start to kick seven straight in the first.”

“The message to Tayla was in the first half we wanted her to be the person to create the opportunities and then in the second half we were able to let her go into the forward and capitalise on the opportunities.”

“When we put our game plan in place, and all of our 22 play their roles we can compete with anyone.”

Marcus McDonald-Camden, Wilston Grange

“We are very slow starting at the moment; our first quarters are really not our strongpoint.”

“They only kicked four goals across two quarters, so despite the score line we were in it, we just are taking that time to find our feet at the moment.”

“The more experience we get together and time we spend on the field the better we are becoming, we just need to keep to our structures, keep putting the game plan in place and look towards the future.”


Coorparoo 1.0.6 defeated by Coolangatta 13.12.90

Defensively, Coolangatta are the best in the competition and it showed… keeping Coorparoo to just one goal for the match.

Coorparoo worked hard but are still struggling for midfield power, and running against a strong Coolangatta defensive press was no easier.

Coolangatta had a brilliant third term kicking a match high five goals  from effective ball use and tackling pressure.

Coorparoo      0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 1.0 (6) defeated Coolangatta   4.0, 9.0, 14.1, 18.3 (111)

Goals:            Coorparoo     A. Henderson

Coolangatta    J. Membrey 3, M. Silver 2, H. Sexton 2, J. Stanton, C. Butler, L. Kaslar, M. Roberts, L. James, A. Hamlyn

Best:               Coorparoo       R. Crack, S. Young, B. Spence, G. Brinckmann, C. Davis, E. Angus

Coolangatta    L. Kaslar, M. Roberts, J. Membrey, J. Stanton, N. Iriks, K. Membrey

Ladder : Coolangatta 1st (3 Wins), Coorparoo 5th


Coach’s Thoughts:

Aaron Russell, Coolangatta

“We were applying lots of pressure, but we weren’t very composed in the first half and we were our own worst enemy.”

“Leah had her best game so far yesterday, and she stood up in the first half and led our team despite it not being our first quarter.”

“Our third quarter was sublime; if we can play like that for four quarters we can put any team away.”

“The girls know that we’re up for a big test next week, but we enjoy the challenge, and we’re going to have to play at our best if we’re to beat Yeronga.”


3 Things We Learnt:

  1. The Spectacular Emily Bates

She’s known as an absolute superstar, but the Yeronga midfielder proved why she is already a front-runner for this this year’s QWAFL Best and Fairest.

Being everywhere is an understatement, she was literally all over the ground defending, attacking and tackling.

If she wasn’t in the air (taking the mark of the day with a high-flying specky) she was on the ground, putting her head over the ball and working hard to find the loose ball.

She kicked a crucial goal in the last 10 minutes of the game; running hard from the back half to collect an uncontested mark and casually, but skilfully, nailing the set shot.

Bates was the difference in her side on Saturday; her game was faultless.


  1. Tayla Harris still has it

It’s a question on a lot of people’s minds… where exactly would you play Tayla Harris if she was in your side?

On Saturday she was all over the ground, playing on ball for majority of the game, trying to impact both on the ground and overhead.

She was switched forward in the last term and kicked four goals in five minutes – now that’s impressive.

She has such a freakish ability to impact the game no matter where she plays.


  1. When nearly half your team scores, you know you’re doing something right

Coolangatta had nine different goal kickers in their 13-goal haul against Coorparoo on the weekend, proving just how much depth the Bluebirds have on hand; especially when running down opposition teams. Even Captain Leah Kaslar, who plays as a key back, scored a goal, which shows that the side has a damaging attack when coming from defence.

By QWAFL writer Jessica Stewart

Twitter: @Jess_Stewart16


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