QWAFL Review: Round 5

Yeronga 15.12.102 defeated Zillmere Eagles 3.3.21

Yeronga continue to prove why they will be the one to watch come September. This was an extremely dominant display from the Devils, with the side again sharing the goal scoring load between nine different players. Zillmere’s midfield group lead by Ally Anderson fought hard, but Yeronga’s slick ball movement and impressive defensive effort proved too good for the Eagles. The Devils piled on the goals in the first half and never looked back.

Final Score:   Yeronga        5.1, 9.2, 12.7, 15.12 (102)

Zillmere        0.0, 1.0, 3.2, 3.3 (21)

Goals:            Yeronga        H. Newberry 6, D. Leach 2, E. Bates, K. Cantrell, J. Watts, E. Bliss, J. Ransfield, E. Grundon , K. McCarthy


Best:              Yeronga        J. Ransfield, D. Wall, J. Watts, D. Kimmince, C. Bromage, J. Vandyk


Ladder Review: Yeronga 2nd (4 Wins), Zillmere 4th (2 Wins)

Coach’s Thoughts:

Scott Stephens, Yeronga

“It was a brilliant team effort, I was very happy.”

“Essentially your forwards are there to finish off the work of everyone else up the field.

“And when you’ve got a backline and midfield working really hard, generally your forward line works pretty hard to reward them by putting score on the board.

“The backline do their job every week and work extremely well together, it’s such a great effort from those back six.

“Danielle (Wall) backs herself in to win the contested footy and to take it out of defence for us, she just takes the game on.”


Coorparoo 2.2.14 defeated by Wilston Grange 5.5.35

It was a windy and cold night at Giffin Park, but Wilston Grange were up and about, ready to secure their first win of the season. Both midfield groups battled through the breezy conditions, but the Gorillas were able to lower their eyes and hit targets going forward. It showed on the scoreboard, with the Gorillas maintaining at least a two-goal buffer at the breaks. Coorparoo were competitive at times, but struggled to show consistency over the four quarters.

Final Score:   Coorparoo            0.1, 0.2, 2.2, 2.2 (14)

Wilston Grange 1.3, 2.4, 4.5, 5.5 (35)

Goals:            Coorparoo               T. Hansen, H. Cornish

                       Wilston Grange   G. Mooney 2, B. Mooney, M. Briggs, T. Randall

Best:              Coorparoo               C. Rice, S. Young, S. Crew, H. Cornish, E. Gibson , K. Nankervis

                       Wilston Grange   C. Daniec, K. Lutkins, E. Maxwell, G. Mooney, H. Malone, J. Hocken

Ladder Review: Coorparoo 6th, Wilston Grange 5th (1 Win)

Coach’s Thoughts:

Marcus McDonald-Camden, Wilston Grange

“We played so well in regards to our structure, especially because it was such a windy day.”

“We weren’t looking to continually kick long, if we had the grass in front of us we went for a run.

“We just held the ball, controlled the game tempo and capitalised when we needed to.

“Coorparoo lapsed a few times, and so did we, but the difference was that we capitalised during these moments.”


University of Queensland 2.7.19 defeated by Coolangatta 7.8.50

Coolangatta have now got one over every other QWAFL team this year. This was anyone’s game up until three quarter time, with Cooly piling on five unanswered goals in the final quarter. UQ were up for it early, having majority of the possession in the first half. But the second half was all Cooly, with the Bluebirds getting their hands on the ball and making it show on the scoreboard.

Final Score:   UQ                              1.2, 1.5, 1.7, 2.7 (19)

                       Coolangatta            2.0, 2.2, 2.7, 7.8 (50)

Goals:             UQ                               D. Jensen, M. McGorm

                       Coolangatta            K. Howarth 4, K. Membrey, L. James, M. Lowe, A. Hamlyn

Best:               UQ                              I. Baldock, D. Herdman, M. Hunt, B. Koenen, E. Pittman, E. Zielke

                       Coolangatta            L. Kaslar, J. Stanton, L. James, K. Howarth, J. Membrey, C. Hill

Ladder Review: UQ 3rd (3 Wins), Coolangatta 1st (5 Wins)

Coach’s Thoughts:

Damien Richards, UQ

“We controlled the first half and they controlled the second half.”

“They just took advantage of more opportunities in the second half than what we did in the first half.

“Similarly to when we played Yeronga, they’re (Coolangatta) class just showed in the end and they ran over us a little bit.

“How we’re performing now is probably how we thought we’d be performing by the end of the year so we definitely feel that we can beat sides like Yeronga and Coolangatta.

“We know what we need to improve on to be able to match it to those sides by the end of the season.”


Aaron Russell, Coolangatta

“UQ were obviously a challenge, and the end score probably didn’t reflect the entire game.”

“In that first half we were struggling to get our hands on the ball, and we only went forward twice, luckily managing to kick two goals.

“We were a little bit down on our efforts defensively from last week, but we regrouped on our efforts at half time and we won the footy back.

“The ability to score five goals in that last quarter, when we’d only scored two goals to that point was a pretty good effort and a reward for our turnaround in our second half.”




3 Things We Learnt:

  1. Yeronga Forwards work in 3’s

Another dominant forward display from the Yeronga Devils resulted in their three key forwards moving to the top of the leading goal kicker ladder. Hayley Newberry bagged an impressive six goals, not all from set shots. Currently Newberry leads the competition goal kicking leader board with 13. Teammates, Jade Ransfield (10) and Jenna Vandyk (9), are not far behind. It makes it easy for the forwards to find plenty of the ball when you’ve got an extremely solid defensive line and a hardworking midfield.


  1. Courtney Daniec’s breakout year

She has the potential to take her football to the next level when the proposed National Women’s competition kicks off next year. Daniec has been a standout performer for Wilston Grange in every game so far this year. So much that coach, Marcus McDonald-Camden, named her in her side’s best six in the opening five matches. She shows immense attack and physicality when searching for the ball, and can even push forward to kick a goal or two. If she can build some consistent form over the remainder of the season, she could work her way into representative footy next year.


  1. Cooly’s youngest superstar

Kalinda Howarth has really shown her prowess since her return from the Under 18 Youth Girls National carnival. During the last few rounds, she’s booted eight goals and she’s not even a tall forward. Howarth plays for Cooly as a small forward or winger, yet can still score bags four goals in a match like she did this round against UQ. The Queensland representative still has another year left to play at Under 18 level and is starting to peak at the perfect time with National women’s competition just around the corner.


By QWAFL writer Jessica Stewart

Twitter: @Jess_Stewart16


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