QWAFL Review: Round 11

Yeronga 5.5.35 defeated by Coolangatta 6.4.40

The race for the top spot is heating up even more, with Coolangatta regaining their number one position following a close contest against arch-rivals Yeronga. It was a wet, sluggish game, with Cooly dominating the first half and Yeronga controlling the second. Cooly did the damage early, taking a three goal lead into the halftime break. They found the ball first, and converted their chances into goals. In wet weather, three goals can feel like six and Yeronga for sure felt that. The Devils worked extremely hard to get themselves back into the game but it was too little too late in the end. Yeronga’s, Emily Bliss did her best to hold up down back. Despite their loss, the Devils shining light has been Annabella Mudronja, who has worked her way up from the QWAFA side and played her role down back, shutting down her opponents every week. For Cooly, Hannah Sexton is getting back into some excellent form, hunting the footy on the wings.

Final Score:   Yeronga                    1.2, 1.3, 3.3, 5.5 (35)

                       Coolangatta           2.2, 4.3, 5.3, 6.4 (40)

Goals:             Yeronga                    H. Newberry 2, E. Bates, N. Thomas, K. McCarthy

                       Coolangatta           L. James 2, S. Goodman , K. Howarth, M. Lowe, H. Sexton

Best:              Yeronga                    E. Bliss, C. Bromage, K. McCarthy, A. Mudronja, R. Cowan, E. Bates

                       Coolangatta           J. Stanton, K. Patison, H. Sexton, A. Clarke, M. Lowe, E. O’Brien

Ladder Review: Yeronga 2nd (8 Wins), Coolangatta 1st (8 Wins)

Coach’s Thoughts:

Scott Stephens, Yeronga

“Our first half was pretty poor, we were second to the ball and we kept playing behind, particularly in wet conditions you can’t get away with that.”

“Cooly to their credit came to play and wanted to win and they attacked the ball hard.”

“In the second half when we started to play in front and get first to the football, the damage had already been done, and we ran out of time to win the game.”


Wilston Grange 1.2.8 defeated by Coorparoo 7.4.46

We all knew this week was coming, and Coorparoo exceeded expectations, not only getting their first victory of the season but also winning by six goals. Playing in wet weather conditions is no easy task, but Coorparoo rose to the challenge, with the rain suiting their game style. They’ve become the best contested football team in the competition. Coorparoo found the footy first, but also tackled hard when they didn’t have possession, forcing turnovers. Adair Henderson corrected her kicking woes from last week, booting a match-high three goals. Wilston Grange’s leaders performed well, but it wasn’t enough to outman a very determined Coorparoo side.

Final Score:   Wilston Grange     1.0, 1.0, 1.2, 1.2 (8)

                       Coorparoo           2.2, 5.2, 6.2, 7.4 (46)

Goals:            Wilston Grange              T. Randall

                       Coorparoo            A. Henderson 3, S. Young, E. Gibson, A. Mole, T. Hansen

Best:             Wilston Grange   M. Cubis, G. Mooney, C. Daniec, H. Thompson, T. Randall, L. Dowling

                      Coorparoo            E. Gibson , S. Young, S. Crew, A. Powell, G. Brinckmann, H. Cornish

Ladder Review: Wilston Grange 6th (1 Win), Coorparoo 5th (1 Win)



UQ 6.4.40 defeated Zillmere 5.5.35

It’s as simple as this, UQ were very lucky to win this match on Saturday. Zillmere were first at the ball, were determined to win and gave themselves plenty of opportunities. UQ were taught a big lesson on Saturday, don’t underestimate the power of the teams sitting below you on the ladder. If Zillmere had won, they would have overtaken UQ. The Red Lionesses remained a goal or two in front for most of the game, but Zillmere were hot on their tails, finding themselves close to victory in the final quarter. UQ’s Alanna Perry and Emma Pittman gave it their all for their side despite it being a tough day at the office. Tayla Harris kicked a few goals, and kept her side within reach.

Final Score:   UQ                     6.4 (40)

                       Zillmere         5.5 (35)

Goals:             UQ                  E. Pericic 2, E. Pittman, A. Mason, E. Zielke, M. McGorm


Best:              UQ                  D. Herdman, E. Pittman, M. Hunt, A. Perry, B. Koenen, E. Zielke


Ladder Review: UQ 3rd (6 Wins), Zillmere 4th (5 Wins)

Coach’s Thoughts:

Damien Richards, UQ

“It was a really close game and the conditions made it difficult for everyone on Saturday.”

“Zillmere controlled the game much better than what we did, and they just seemed to want it a lot more than us.”

“We did get lucky with a few goals and decisions that went our way, which got us over the line in the end.”

“It was a good wake-up call for a lot of the girls who needed to realise that we need to work hard or else a lot of these teams below us on the ladder can easily beat us.”


3 Things We Learnt:

  1. Who will finish on top?

Saturday’s top of the table clash ended in yet another change of laddar position. The fight for the number one spot is well and truly heating up. And with these two sides not set to meet until the finals, it’s going to come down to who can finish off the remaining six rounds in better fashion. Currently, it’s only three per cent separating the two sides. When looking at the run home, Coolangatta will face Wilston Grange twice, Zillmere twice, Coorparoo and UQ. Whereas, Yeronga will take on Zillmere twice, Coorparoo twice, UQ and Wilston Grange. It really is anyone’s game, but don’t rule out any of these matches being an upset, as the competition has really evened out over the last few weeks. I’m predicting Coolangatta to finish on top. With some big names set to come back in throughout the remainder of the season, I think they’re going to peak just at the right time.


  1. Sally Young is Coorparoo at heart

She’s a diligent captain and I have no doubt Sally Young’s blood bleeds blue. She’s not just a player, she’s coached some of the clubs youngest female superstars and helped them achieve their goals of making representative sides. She’s been with this club through it’s greatest achievements, but most of all she’s remained positive when it was at it’s lowest. It’s always a full team effort that gets a side across the line in a win, but Sally’s commitment and enthusiasm towards her beloved Navy Roos would inspire any teammate of hers. She and her team well and truly deserved their win, and if you know Sally, her smile would have beamed across all of Brisbane on Saturday night.


  1. Dania Herdman… The Tagger?

I don’t think she’s ever played the same role twice this year, but Dania had a gigantic task this week and that was quite literally to shut down her very tall opponent in Tayla Harris. With the match being played under the rain, the game was going to have a different pace to it. Tayla was going to find it difficult to excel overhead, with a wet and heavy ball. UQ coach, Damien Richards knew this, so he sent his best tackler to her. Dania Herdman played her role extremely well, despite Tayla kicking a couple of goals. The size difference meant nothing to Herdman when she went to work on the footy ground, the place where she has no fear.

By Jess Stewart

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