QLD down NSW/ACT on KickStart Day 2

Queensland scored its first win on Day 2 of the Under 15 National KickStart Championships at Townsville’s Tony Ireland Stadium.

Lining up against traditional rivals NSW/ACT the Queenslanders looked confident from the first bounce to run out winners 4.7 (31) to NSW/ACT 2.1 (13).

Nick Munkley kicked 2 goals Queensland with singles from Travis Gulliver and Lenny Christie.

Stand-out performers for the home-state side were Kobe Broome, Hakeen Kennedy

and Lenny Christie.

In other Day 2 action KickStart powerhouse WA continued its march towards a third successive Championship, downing a spirited Northern Territory side 5.6 (36) to 2.2 (14)

Victoria/Tasmania got up by a point in a nail-biter against South Australia while Oceana’s point from a free kick on the siren earned them a draw against Papua New Guinea in the Pacific round robin competition.

Play continues at Tony Ireland Stadium today

2:00pm NT v NSW/ACT

3:00pm VIC/TAS v WA

4:00pm QLD v SA

5:00pm NZ v Oceana

Day 2 Results

Game 1:

Victoria/Tasmania def South Australia

Final Score: 5.5.35 to 4.10.34

VIC/TAS Leading Goal Kickers:

1. K Thomas (1 goal)

2. R Ahern (1 goal)

3.J Jones (1 goal)

4. A Tatchelc (1 goal)

5. J Edwards (1 goal)

VIC/TAS Most Valuable Players:

1. Timothy Atkinson

2. C Harrison

3. Anthony Young

South Australia Leading Goal Kickers

1. Damon Adams (1 goal)

2. Tjeden McKewon (1 goal)

3. Kingsley Nelson (1 goal)

4. Tyrell Hocking (1 goal)

South Australia Most Valuable Players:

1. Kym Lebois

2. James Hunter

3. Trevor Wanganeen

Game 2:

Queensland def NSW/ACT

Final Score: 4.7.31 to 2.1.13

Queensland Goal Kickers:

1. Nick Munkley (2 goals)

2. Travis Gulliver (1 goals)

3. Lenny Christie (1 goal)

QLD Most Valuable Players:

1.Kobe Broome

2. Hakeen Kennedy

3. Lenny Christie

NSW/ACT Goal Kickers:

1.Corey Reynolds (1 goal)

2. James Bell (1 goal)

NSW/ACT Most Valuable Player:

1.Liam Nelson

2. Corey Reynolds

3. Logan Gray

Game 3:

Western Australia def Northern Territory

Final Score: 5.6.36 to 2.2.14

Western Australia Goal Kickers:

1. Greg Humphries (1 goal)

2.Jonny Garlett (1 goals)

3.Matt Boddington (1 goals)

4. Nathan Ugle (1 goal)

5. Billy Johns (1 goal)

Western Australia Most Valuable Players:

1.Denver Garlett

2. Calvin Thorne

3. Dwayne Nevill

Northern Territory Goal Kickers:

1.Jamie Hampton (1 goal)

2. Ronnie Dirdi (1 goal)

Northern Territory Most Valuable Players:

1,Liam McDonald

2. Jamie Hampton

3. Exy Frank

Kickstart Champs Ladder after Day 2:

1st – Western Australia

2nd – Victoria/Tasmania

3rd – Northern Territory

4th – South Australia

5th – Queensland

6th – New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory

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