QFA Preview: Round 11



Caloundra vs. Maroochydore
2:00pm Sat 27 Jun – North St Oval

Caloundra will be heading in to Round 11 with fresh legs after a bye last weekend.

The match will provide a huge opportunity for the boys to move up on the ladder if they can successfully take down second place Maroochydore.

The Roos come in to the round following a convincing win over Aspley in Round 10, so Caloundra will have to come out guns blazing if they are to put a win on the scoreboard.

FOOTY RECORD: QFA NTH RECORD – RD 11 – Caloundra v Maroochydore

Nambour & Hinterland vs. Aspley
2:00pm Sat 27 Jun – Jubilee Drive

Heading towards the pointy end of the season both teams are yet to register a win.

The intensity in this clash will be palpable with both teams eager to put a win on the scoreboard.

Both coming away from losses last weekend, the only real advantage is that of Nambour & Hinterland, getting to play at their home ground. It will be interesting to see if they can use this to walk away the victor.

FOOTY RECORD: QFA NTH RECORD – RD 11 – Nambour v Aspley

Moreton Bay vs. Mayne
2:00pm Sun 28 Jun – Oval 1

Front-runner Mayne had a convincing win last weekend over Nambour and Hinterland, and will be looking to continue their dominant winning streak.

Fifth place Moreton Bay will have their work cut out for them this weekend following a loss to Noosa last week, but never say never.

Moreton Bay will run out onto familiar turf against the Tigers and will need to use this advantage if they hope to secure the win.

FOOTY RECORD: QFA NTH RECORD – RD 11 – Moreton Bay v Mayne

Noosa BYE

The Sunshine Coast boys this weekend will have the opportunity to take a step back and unwind. No doubt they will be watching Maroochydore closely to see if they are jostled down the ladder




Alexandra Hills vs. Coolangatta-Tweed
2:00pm Sat 27 Jun – Keith Surridge Oval

Both teams this weekend will be scrambling for a comeback after last weekends losses.

Alex Hills are yet to register a win this season so will be taking every opportunity this weekend to amend that,.

Coolangatta-Tweed struggled against Burleigh last week, but will be very confident of a strong showing this weekend.

FOOTY RECORD: QFA STH Rnd 11 – Alex Hills v Coolangatta

Coomera vs. Springwood
2:00pm Sat 27 Jun – Coomera Sports Park

Coomera seem to finally be finding their feet, securing a second consecutive win against Robina last weekend.

This win has put the boys just six-points behind Springwood on the ladder and will need to close the gap further with a win this weekend.

Springwood had the chance last weekend to rest and will be coming in with a set of fresh legs.

Sitting so closely on the ladder, it will be interesting to see who walks away victorious from this battle.

FOOTY RECORD: QFA STH Rnd 11 – Coomera V Springwood

Burleigh vs. Robina
2:00pm Sun 28 Jun – Bill Godfrey Oval

There might be only three places on the ladder separating these two teams but Burleigh have a lead of 16-points.

The Bombers last weekend ran off the field with a convincing win on the scoreboard over Coolangatta-Tweed, and will need to do the same this weekend to secure their place in finals.

Getting closer to end of season, the Bombers need to do everything they can to ensure their spot in the top five.

Robina have a tough job ahead of them in this round but need to register a few more wins if they hope to have a shot at the finals.

FOOTY RECORD: QFA STH Rnd 11 – Burleigh v Robina

Coorparoo vs. Kenmore
2:00pm Sun 28 Jun – Giffin Park

Coorparoo and Kenmore both come into this round off the back of convincing wins last weekend.

With only two-points separating the leading teams, this game will be the one to watch this week.

A win in this almighty clash is crucial to both teams for their overall standing on the ladder. Both will be desperately seeking the top-dog position coming towards the end of the season.

This one will come down to who performs better on the day because at this stage, it’s too close to call.

FOOTY RECORD: QFA STH Rnd 11 – Coorparoo v Kenmore

Yeronga South Brisbane BYE

Yeronga this week will be given the chance to recoup after their loss to Kenmore. They won’t be having the weekend off footy though, don’t be surprised if you see them floating around Giffin Park keeping an eye on their rivals.


By Sarah Lingard

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