QAFL Wrap: Round 11

Western Magpies 5.3,  8.8,  15.10,  19.12  (126)
Palm Beach Currumbin 3.0,  5.5,  8.6,  10.13  (73)

If you had put a line through the Western Magpies a month ago, I hope it was done with a pencil, because you’re going to need an eraser.

Yesterday they made sure everyone in the league knows they in this up to their necks.

They shut down Palm Beach’s run, didn’t allow them to get their kicking game going, and restricted the delivery into the forward line.

They signaled their intentions early, with four out of the first five goals, but they really broke the Lions’ back in the third when they piled on five in a row to open up a 45-point leave. It was pretty much lights out after that.

Sam Copland was lively in front of goal, finishing with four.

Both Magpie skippers were unreal. The ball started with Carseldine, who was the dominant midfielder on the ground, and Woods used the ball superbly. It was exactly how you want your captains to perform on the field.

Staker booted five, but it was the work to get it to him that proved the difference.

The Lions were just missing a gear. It was a grind yesterday, and they were flat.

They have put enough credits in the bank this year that we can let it slide, and put it down to a one off at this stage.

Chisholm continued his good form, and Harrison didn’t miss a beat upon his return to the seniors.

What it does do for the Lions, is set up a mouthwatering top of the table clash with Morningside next week.

Top spot is up for grabs, and the Magpies will be snapping at the heals of the loser.


Coaches thoughts:
Chad Owens – Palm Beach

“From the first bounce they were more switched on, and had 22 blokes who wanted to play their role for their team, and we didn’t.

“Our attitude was horrible, our effort was horrible, they out worked us and they outplayed us.

“We weren’t great last week, and it flowed on a little bit. It was as simple as they outworked us in the middle.

“They are playing some good footy, they are really good. You don’t get to third by mistake.”

Nathan Clarke – Western Magpies

“We certainly played well, which is pretty exciting for us, but I think we have been lucky as well, in that Mt Gravatt and Palm Beach have both been missing some key players.

“Yeah so far it is [the best win I have coached]. You go down there, and you really go after them, which they have probably been facing for five or six weeks now.

“The boys got on top in the stoppages, especially in the third quarter. They are a hard running side, and our guys are a pretty determined bunch, and were able to make it difficult for them to move the footy. It was a really good team effort.

“You only have to be five per cent off in this comp, everyone is beating everyone.”



Morningside 1.3,  5.4,  11.6,  13.6  (84)
Wilston Grange 2.3,  6.7,  7.11,  9.16  (70)

Morningside got away with the four-points yesterday, but I think they would have slept well last night; they had to fight like dogs to get this one.

You just knew that Wilston Grange was going to come at them. There was no point even looking at ladder position, because with the ins they had, in front of their past players at Homecoming Day, they were always going to find another gear.

A first quarter full of pressure and missed opportunities saw Grange go into quarter time with a one-goal advantage.

Delbridge kicked the first of the second quarter, but all of a sudden, after four quick Gorilla goals, the margin was out to 25-points.

That’s when the bear was poked, and Morningside kicked into gear.

They started to control the middle, which resulted in eight goals in a row, and a 20-point three quarter time lead.

Wilston Grange weren’t out of it though. In fact, if they took their chances in front of the sticks, they should have been in front.

But the Panthers weren’t going to let this one slip. Kinch was on in the guts, Adam McDonald, in his first game back in the seniors after hand surgery was on fire, and Buntain was prepared to leave his man to go third man up in the forward 50.

For Wilston Grange, Foster took the points in the ruck battle, and Farry was excellent all afternoon.

For Morningside, it was a very important win. Now they sit equal top, with the chance to go four-points clear next weekend.

It is one the Gorillas definitely feel got away. Kicking 9.16 never helps your cause. If that number is reversed, all of sudden we are talking about a solid victory.


Coaches thoughts:
Matt Trewhella – Wilston Grange

“We were good today, we just didn’t take our opportunities, which killed us in the end, whereas they took the most of their opportunities.

“It was a good game, a good hit out. For us, we don’t play a lot of games against the likes of Morningside where we are up by a few goals, so I think the guys didn’t respond to the pressure when Morningside turned it up, but it was good for them to experience it.

“We are very disappointed not to win that game though. We should have won the game, because we gave ourselves the opportunities.”

Matt Walder – Morningside

“They threw everything at us early on, they played very good football early, and tested us.

“It was probably good for us in the end to find a way through. They came to play, and pegging them back just before half time was really important.

“They were a little more desperate early, and we had to bring our desperation levels up, but also adjust our running patterns. We were playing off the ball a little too much, and allowing them to get going.

“Blokes were probably expecting things would happen, but they weren’t. But we were able to get it back on our terms, but it was a tough grind.”


Broadbeach 3.1,  6.3,  9.10,  14.15  (99)
Sandgate 3.2,  4.4,  5.9,  7.10  (52)

Full recap:

There are two things from yesterday that are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any Cats fan.

Their ability to overcome a vast array of injuries to their senior list, and the fact that they are getting buy in from their younger players.

They only had three plays over the age of 23 yesterday. Three. They didn’t play like that though.

The Hawks took it to them early, but the pace of the game was always going to favour Broady.

Their young, quick legs wanted the game on the outside, and they got it there.

Sandgate were right in it early, but as the game continued to open up after half time, it was one way traffic.

The Cats pressure around the footy was good, they readjusted going forward, after bombing it in a little bit too much early, and they backed in their runners.

The Hawks were winning the footy, Overington had a heap, and Liam Rutledge was dangerous, they just couldn’t get the delivery they desired going forward. It was just all too rushed.

This week’s star was Billy O’Donnell, who moved like a team of the year key forward.

He finished with four, supported by Benji Neal, who sharked three goals on the run for the Cats.

The Cats’ depth was really tested yesterday, and it passed with flying colours.


Coaches thoughts:
Graham Adams – Sandgate

“They were a little bit classy for us today.

“I’m not making excuses, injuries didn’t help today though, they knocked us around a little bit.

“They played a better brand of footy than us today. We were a little bit fumbly, and I don’t think our skill level under pressure was very good.

“We did struggle [going forward], and I don’t think we were getting enough out of our smaller players when the ball hit the ground.”

Brett Andrews – Broadbeach



Surfers Paradise 2.6,  6.12,  16.16,  27.17  (179)
University of Queensland 2.1,  4.4,  8.5,  12.5  (77)

Eight minutes in to the third quarter, this was a 13-point game.

20 minutes later it was a 59-point ball game.

30 minutes after that, it was a 102-point win for Surfers Paradise.

Just let that sink in for a minute.

It was a staggering turnaround. UQ were in this game right up until that eight minute mark of the third, then all hell broke lose, the Red Lions rolled over, and Surfers ran riot.

UQ were good early, but just fell away from their structures a bit, and when they did, Surfers pounced.

They ran hard, they linked up, they used the middle, and they hit targets going forward.

Daniel Green was unstoppable, finishing with 10 goals, while Corbett kicked six.

Fraser was on in the middle, and Stevenson gave them first use all afternoon.

Carlson battled hard all day for UQ, and Ballenden created an option up forward, he just didn’t see it enough in the second half.

The Red Lions are still missing a stack, and will get a few back next week, but that second half is a reminder of the level they need to be at for 120 minutes, not 70.

It’s that type of football from the Demons that had other QAFL teams trembling in their boots a month ago. They can turn it on when they are up and about.

Did the giant just get awoken?


Coaches thoughts:
Peter Young – Surfers Paradise

“The second half was really good, we just had to get back to controlling the footy, and controlling the centre.

“I think our midfield really got on top in there, our runners started to take control, and we were able to get the ball in the forward 50, and caused some havoc.

“We started to run, started to enjoy our footy, and started to give the first option again, which is what we have been lacking over the last month.

“Uni in the first half were good, we were worried, but something clicked, we put pressure on our midfield to lift, and they did.”

John Tootell – UQ

“We were only two goals down 8 minutes into the third quarter, and we just rolled over, that’s basically it.

“We went away from the game plan, went away from the structures and showed no fight.

“They were good, they ran, and their ruckman gave them first use after that, but it was just one of those things we sometimes do, we go away from everything we know works for us.

“I thought we were in with a chance up until that point, so it’s disappointing. We have got a few to come back in, but that’s no excuse for it.”



Labrador 3.2,  7.4,  11.6,  14.14  (98)
Mt Gravatt 1.3,  5.6,  8.9,  8.10  (58)

A depleted Mt Gravatt side threw everything at Labrador yesterday, but the Tigers had the polish required to run away with this.

With the names they had out, it was always going to be a backs against the wall type of day for the Vultures, but they were right in it early.

Hollis was a late out, which meant Goldsmith went into the ruck, but you couldn’t ask for a better start from your key forwards, when Retzlaff and Baxter kicked the first three between them.

Labrador controlled the majority of the second quarter, but a couple of red-time goals to Mt Gravatt bought them right back in it.

The game was still in the balance at the last break, but it was Labrador who stepped up to the plate in the final thirty minutes, kicking three, and restricting the Vultures to one behind.

They controlled the stoppages in the last, determined the tempo, and iced the game.

The difference in the game wasn’t in the possession count, but the disposal efficiency.

Labrador were cleaner going forward, whereas Mt Gravatt were a little fumbly, and missing the short targets they needed to find.

Mills was outstanding across half-back, but the biggest positive was the performance of Blair Mortimer in his first senior game.

After missing out on selection for the reserves grand final last year, Mortimer worked hard over summer, played some outstanding footy in the twos in the lead up to this game, and did more than justify his selection yesterday.

Ross and Mick Hamill battled hard for the Vultures, and Smith was good in the ruck, the Vultures just couldn’t harmonise as a collective in the important parts.

Labrador keep coming.


Coaches thoughts:
Brad Pollock – Mt Gravatt

“It’s probably a bit of a cop out to say we are a bit undermanned at the moment, but I think in the context of the game, we certainly did have a crack.

“The effort was there, and the process was there, but I just felt that we had enough to possession to win that game of footy, but unfortunately we just seemed to fumble, and create turnovers at crucial times.

“Against a quality opposition like Labrador, they just make you pay when you do that, and that was the major difference on the day.”

Perry Meka – Labrador

“3.8 in the last quarter was a bit disappointing, we could have really put them away, but we will always take a win at that ground against a side above us.

“We played some good footy in the second quarter, but towards the end of it we just made some mistakes that shouldn’t happen. We made it quite clear to them that, when you get out to a six goal break, you can’t give sides a look in late in the quarter.

”Luckily they came out after half time and continued on like we did early in the second quarter.

“The comp is so even, you just can’t relax. You just really have to be up and about every minute of the game.”

By Andrew Wiles

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