QAFL: Tuesday Talking Points

By Beth Newman

1.       Cats need to take leap

Broadbeach dropped its fourth match of the season, to Palm Beach, and it’s been the tale of their year. The Cats are one of the most exciting teams when they are in their element, but they have struggled against the two top sides – the only sides they’ve lost to. Whether it’s a psychological or inexperience issue, the Cats need to sort it out soon, because they’re going to have to beat at least one of Morningside or Palm Beach if they want to compete for a flag. Their match with Labrador will be the perfect lead in for them.

2.       Carbone goes both ways

Todd Carbone has become a vital member of the Vultures’ team this season, but the versatility he’s shown of late that has been impressive. Starting the year down back, Carbone was one of the more consistent Vultures, but in the past month he has shown his ability up forward. Six goals on the weekend, on a heavy ground, was reward for effort.

3. O’Donnell okay

James O’Donnell has come a long in leaps and bounds for Morningside this season. He has picked up a rising star nomination and cemented a senior spot in the ruck. He has battled well in the absence of main ruckman Peter Mollison and had to do that once again last weekend, a chance he relished. He competes well and a good finish to the year could put him on NEAFL radars, if he’s not there already.

4. Scrappers tough it out

It was a little man’s day on Saturday as the rain poured down on a glorious day for inside midfielders. At Grange, it was David Tough and Dave Kettle up against Cassidy Haberfield and Tayler Rolfe. Most guys would dread a wet weather game, this quartet thrived and that’s what makes wet weather footy so good.

5. Cooked

There’s just one match left in the regular season and a couple of teams are feeling the pinch. Particularly for clubs in the lower end of the ladder the last few weeks can be particularly draining. Players are nursing injuries, coaches are trying to draw motivation from anywhere and everywhere and some are really just marking time until finals. This weekend is the last chance we’ll have to see every QAFL team play in 2014.

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