QAFL: Tuesday Talking Points

By Beth Newman

1.       Bain brilliance

Jordan Bain booted 11 majors for the Magpies, in what was his most dominant performance of the year. Bain has been a major boost for the magpies up forward this season, without Anthony Corrie in their line-up. It was by far his biggest haul of the season, but Bain is averaging just under four goals per game for the Magpies, their main scorer and a big reason why they’re still in finals contention.

2.       Kinch in medal box seat

We’ve mentioned him before but seriously, how good is Nathan Kinch? The 26 year-old booted three goals running off the half-back flank at H&A Oval  He has got be among the favourites for the Grogan, if not the front runner. He’s the most consistent player in the competition and a standout in the best team in the QAFL. That’s no mean feat.

3.       Lichting it up

It was a tough day for the Vultures on Saturday, but Jonah Licht proved a silver lining in their loss to Surfers paradise. The 18 year-old kicked three goals and was really strong in one on one contests in the forward line, despite his light frame. He was rarely beaten by his opponent one out and was a focal point for the Vultures. There’s plenty of potential in this kid.

4.       Luckless Labrador

Does someone at the Tigers have a ladder outside their front door,  that they walk under every day? Labrador cant’ buy a trick at the moment with injury, their most recent season-ender to new recruit Shaydon Bloomfield in just the first five minutes of Saturday’s game. Their depth has done well to keep them in the top four, but they will be looking forward to getting a few key players back in the run home.

5.       Race to the finish

Another weekend of enthralling footy and another shuffle in the middle of the ladder. Surfers took their opportunity, beating Mt Gravatt and the Magpies did their part as well. The final seven weeks will throw up some great contests and ultimately it will come down to which teams continue to win those games. Fifth spot is well and truly up for grabs.

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