QAFL: Tuesday Talking Points

By Beth Newman

1.       Fire in finals race

Wilston Grange’s win over Western Magpies has put the heat on the final five make up. Mt Gravatt currently sits in the fifth spot, one game ahead of the Gorillas, Surfers Paradise and the Magpies. With games against Surfers and the Magpies in the next three weeks, the Vultures are facing must-win matches to keep their spot.

2.       Tigers’ need top-tier back

Labrador’s injury list has taken a massive toll of late, and that was compounded by unavailability against the Panthers. The effort of their inexperienced players cannot be faulted, but without those key senior figures, they just can’t play at their best. They will definitely get back a couple of stars in Ryan Davey and Michael Gugliotta this weekend, as well as Tom Daniel, and they’ll be hoping the ins keep coming. With a healthy list they’re a flag contender, but they can only hang on for so long as the absences mount..

3.       Heat is back in the Kitchin

He’s missed a few matches this year, but last weekend’s performance showed a glimpse of what Palm Beach’s Sam Kitchin can do. Finishing with four goals, the Ballarat recruit was really impressive and a key avenue forward , with Bryce Perry-Bolt well held.

4.       Hawks back to the drawing board

It’s been a tough month for Sandgate, with some narrow losses leading up to last weekend’s defeat at the hands of UQ, and they have a bit of soul searching to do now. Whether it’s about building their list up or strengthening that mental toughness, there’s something not quite clicking at Lemke Rd. Coach, Rob Dickfos, said as much after the loss to the Red Lions. With other sides improving all around them, Sandgate need to ensure they are going up as well.

5.       Royes rising

James Royes delivered his second important performance for Broadbeach, against Mt Gravatt. Playing fullback at Dittmer Park, Royes was sensational for Broadbeach after kicking three crucial goals in the Cats’ win over Labrador. After breaking into the senior side in Rd 2, Royes has really built into his season, culminating in those performances. At only 19, there’s plenty of improvement in the Yeppoon junior yet.

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