QAFL SF Wrap: Tigers out-pressure Gorillas

Labrador 4.7,  8.13,  12.16,  14.18  (102)


Wilston Grange 0.2,  0.4,  1.5,  7.5  (47)


Labrador at full tilt. Scary.

Today, the Tigers pressure gauge exploded. They took it to the next level.

Wilston Grange couldn’t buy a meter of space. They were under the pump every single possession, and the Tigers were capitalising when they coughed it up.

The first quarter told the tale of the day; 11 scoring shots to two.

Luckily for the Gorillas, Labrador had a few goals go begging early, which was the only negative across their performance today.

Hollis was massive in the ruck, who they missed last time they played. Because of that, Baird, Thorsen, and Hicks were running riot with the ball.

At quarter time, the Tigers lead was 29-points.

The second and third quarters were much the same. The Tigers had it on their terms.

They outnumbered the contest, they hunted in packs, they didn’t allow any uncontested ball, and they pumped the brakes on the Gorillas run.

At half time, the margin was 57-points, with the Gorillas still goalless, and by three quarter time, it was a 77-point ball game.

With the game iced, the contest opened up a bit in the last quarter, but both teams had an eye on their next game.

Brittain kicked three for the Gorillas, who kicked the last five goal of the game, but it didn’t mean much.

In the end, the Tigers were 55-point winners.

The only concerns to come out of the game for Labrador were injuries to Matt Lappin (quad) and Matt Daniel (shoulder). Both of those guys, plus a few others with niggles, will enjoy this week off.

For Labrador, their attention turns to the big one in two week’s time. The Gorillas will have to win next week to see them there.

Labrador’s performance today would have sent a shiver down the spine of the three remaining teams. Unreal.


Coach’s thoughts:
Steve Daniel – Labrador

“We are more than happy. There is a lot at stake for games like today, it’s not just for four points anymore, we were playing for a spot in the 2015 grand final, so there was a lot at stake.

“We were confident as a coaching group that we had managed our players up to this situation, and managed the group the best we could. The week off really freshened us up.

“Our contested footy was really good, our midfield was really good, the only negative out of today was that we could have been ten goals up at quarter time.

“That was the only downside though, today was a great performance.”


Matt Trewhella – Wilston Grange

“The jumped us early. Their pressure was phenomenal. I haven’t experienced pressure like for a very long period of time at any level.

“There was just so many of them, they had numbers everywhere, and used the ball well. Their physicality was unbelievable; every time we had the footy we got tackled.

“We clearly didn’t respond to the pressure. A lot of guys, myself included, made a lot of errors. It was relentless.

“The only positive I can find is that we got to see them at their absolute best, so we know what it looks like.”

By Andrew Wiles@andrewjwiles

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