QAFL Round 11 – Match Review

By Abby Collins

Shark week came early with Redland-Victoria Point emerging victorious over Wilston Grange in Round 11.

In a genuine back-and-forth battle from the opening bounce, the lead changed hands repeatedly throughout the four quarters.

The seesawing Preliminary Final rematch saw the Sharks winning 16.11 (107) to 14.10 (94) in a fiery, physical encounter at their home ground.

“This win has been a huge one for us,” Phil Carse, Redland-Victoria Point coach said.

“With Mathieson and all of Wilston Granges VFL and Allies players back for the weekend we knew it was going to be a really tough match but the boys stood up in the big moments late in the game to get it on our terms for one of our best wins of the season.”

Matt Hammelmann drew first blood for the Sharks landing the first goal on the scoreboard within two minutes of play, but the Gorillas soon wrestled their way onto the board through Billy Richardson’s deadly goalkicking.

Lachlan Rhook, Rhys Mathieson, Jack Manly and Matthew Pearce controlled the midfield battle for Wilston Grange putting the momentum in favour of the Gorillas in the second quarter.

 The Gorillas took a 9-point lead into the main break in what was shaping up as a genuine arm-wrestle of a game.

The third quarter was a ferocious scrap as the lead swapped hands with nearly every goal kicked.

Marly McGregor and Richardson briefly extended the Gorillas’ advantage, only for Hammelmann to reel the Sharks back in with his unerring accuracy.

Zackary Derksen opened the final quarter with a couple of quick goals to push Wilston Grange 11 points clear. But this was just a prelude to a Sharks onslaught.

Despite his many spoils, Zach Westerberg’s desperate last-line defence couldn’t stop the feeding frenzy as the Sharks hit the front.

William Johnston’s major took a chunk out of the margin before Hammelmann went into overdrive with the help of Clay Cameron and Todd Carbone.

The Hammers’ sixth major brought the match back to a three-point game as the pressure built, the midfield control no longer with Wilston Grange’s strong pack.

When Todd Carbone drilled a gimme thanks to a free kick the Sharks had their noses in front again.

Clay Cameron pounced on a fumble. A swift pick up from Cameron, a few steps back towards his posts and a right boot later he had scored his second goal driving the Sharks nine points above their opponents.

Hammelmann’s outrageous 60m torpedo from the boundary sealed the deal for the Sharks, they had won a much-needed game on their home turf.

His final major was the killer blow in an eight-goal haul to savour, capping a stellar final quarter as the Sharks confidently swam away with the win in the last 15 minutes of play.

“Hammer had a few niggles earlier in the season but is well and truly back to his brilliant best at the moment,” Carse said.

“It was a leader’s game from him yesterday which inspired the boys and his huge 60m goal from the boundary line in the last quarter to seal the match was a special one we’ll remember.”

The four-point triumph lifts Redland-Victoria Point into the top four, while the Gorillas slip a down a rung to make room for their rivals above them.

“We had our backs against the wall for a while there early in the season when we dropped to 3-4,” Carse said.

“So to win the last four games with a lot of players still unavailable has been significant for us and given us a lot of confidence heading into the bye.

“We feel like we’re starting to take steps towards our best football again for 2024 and looking forward to building that momentum in the last few months.”

Redland Victoria Point           3.5       5.7       10.8     16.11   (107)

Wilston Grange                       2.3       7.6       11.7     14.10   (94)



Redland Victoria Point Hammelmann 8, Cameron 2, Johnson 2, Smith 2,  Brown, Carbone

Wilston Grange Derksen 4, Richardson 3, Manly 2, Bowels, Mathieson, McGregor, Pearce, Rhook


Best Players

Redland Victoria Point Matt Hammelmann, Jarrod Huddy, Dylan Smith, Clay Cameron, Luke O’Sullivan, William Johnson

Wilston Grange Billy Richardson, Jack Manly, Rhys Mathieson, Zackary Derksen, Matthew Pearce

Other games

Aspley v Surfers Paradise

Aspley             1.4       2.6       7.9       11.11   (77)

Surfers Paradise         1.2       5.4       6.6       8.7       (55)



Aspley Stackelberg 3, Watson 3, Chapman 2, Coombes, McKenzie, Peppin

Surfers Paradise


Best Players

Aspley Josh Coombes, Thomas Watson, Lleyton Brown, Errin Wasley-Black, Brandon Batchelor, Tom Templeton

Surfers Paradise Joshua Nieass, Elijah Reardon, Michael Luxton, Connor Matheson, Zac Smith, Hamish Anderson



Labrador v Maroochydore

Labrador                     1.4       5.7       7.8       12.13   (85)

Maroochydore            3.4       6.5       12.8     16.9     (105)



Labrador  A Fyfe 4, Nicholls 2, Bristow, Derrington, Goldsmith, Molloy, Simpson, Sullivan

Maroochydore Gallop 5, Scholard 5, Govan, Holt, Jacka, Kangur, Thomas, Wilson


Best Players

Labrador Aiden Fyfe, Jay Foon, Nathan Wright, Bailey Brown, Nathan Pearce, Zach Molloy

Maroochydore Liam Adams, Mitchel Scholard, Joshua Govan, Aaron Wilson, Lukas Kangur, Ty Gallop



Palm Beach Currumbin v Morningside

Palm Beach Currumbin            1.2      4.4       7.7       9.10     (64)

Morningside                             1.3     7.3       12.4     14.8     (92)



Palm Beach Currumbin Cilmi 3, Beaman, Fitzgerald, Hayes, North, Patterson, Rubock

Morningside Purslow 3, Downie 2, Lohmann 2, Bertoli-Simmonds, Cockatoo, Dadds, Greenaway, Hodge, Martin, Milford


Best Players

Palm Beach Currumbin Jed Harrison, Salvatore Cilmi, Marcus White, Ty Fitzgerald, Brad Stafford, Ethan Sekac

Morningside Brad Hodge, Mitchell Howson, Hayden Bertoli-Simmonds, Max Nelson, Garrett Mcdonagh, Kai Purslow



Mt Gravatt v Noosa

Mt Gravatt      1.1       2.4       6.8       8.9       (57)

Noosa             4.4       10.9     16.9     21.14   (140)



Mt Gravatt Corrigan 2, Blood, Clare, Ibbs, Kirkman, Smith, Tinsley

Noosa Freeman 5, Rich 5, Fitzpatrick 3, Pettigrove 3, Langan 2, Mallon, McKenzie, Ogden


Best Players

Mt Gravatt Jack Paterson, Xavier Smith, Rafe Priestley, Kaeden Corboy, Fletcher Clare, Austin Brent




Sherwood v Broadbeach

Sherwood                   5.1       8.2       9.4       11.4     (70)

Broadbeach                4.2       11.4     13.6     14.8     (92)



Sherwood Waistcoat 3, Hude 2, Nelson 2, Austin, Bulley, Fletcher, Gillett

Broadbeach ONiell 3, Reeves 2, Wood 2, Bowman, Butler, Chadwick, Coulson, Dawson, Gulbin, Mackenzie


Best Players

Sherwood Isaac McCarthy, Jonathan Giles, Will Fletcher, Leo Harrison, Jett Clarke, Liam Hude

Broadbeach Riley Bowman, Kwaby Boakye, Jezz Butler, Harrison Mackenzie, Brandon Chadwick, Blake Erickson


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