Prelim Wrap: Morningside book date with Tigers

Morningside 7.2,  11.10,  15.14,  19.21  (135)
Wilston Grange 3.2,  5.4,  8.5,  11.8  (74)

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Morningside are off to the big dance, and have a chance to go back-to-back when they take on Labrador this Saturday at Yeronga.

Here’s how they did it


Where it was won

You know when you’re mixing your favorite drink, and you get the blend just right? That’s exactly what Morningside did today with their inside and outside game.

They were able to win the contested ball all afternoon, but then break the game wide open on the outside once it was feed out. Their handball and link up game was as good as it has been this year. They were able to break lines, but the most impressive part was when they were in trouble, they always had two or three blokes behind the contest ready for the handball back.


When they won it

The first half was comprehensive. David Lake spoke in the Friday Forecast about making this quarter 5 of last week’s game, and that’s exactly what they did. They jumped out of the blocks in the first half, to skip out to a four goal quarter time lead, and a 42-point main break advantage.

Every time Wilston Grange strung a couple together, or looked like getting back into the contest, Morningside responded.


Who starred?                       

Jamie Hackett: Playing mostly across half forward today, Hackett was the difference early. He kicked the Panthers opening two goals, as well as the first of the second quarter. It wasn’t just on the scoreboard though, Hackett was racking up possessions outside the fifty, before burning the Gorillas defence when he turned and went. Best game he has played in 2015.

Nick Tomlinson: Who said he is getting old? Doc’s foot skills were sublime today. Coming out of half-back, he barley missed a target. A lot of Morningside’s space today can be attributed to him.

Notable mentions: Adam McDonald’s four goals, and the drive that came from Spackman and Buntain down back.


The sub stories

Abey and Mueller: They were just too tall for the Gorilla’s back six. Trewhella tried to go back down their at stages, but they just needed another key tall to stop them. Will be interesting watching how they go against Bantoft and Ryan next week.

The space: Today’s game was as open as we have seen in a while. It wasn’t your typical finals football clash, which was scrappy and low scoring. It was played on the wings, it was end to end, and it was quick. Stunning display of football.


Coach’s Thoughts:
Matt Trewhella – Wilston Grange

“It’s not hard to swallow. For the last two or three weeks we have been flat since the Magpies game. I just think it’s been a while since we have had a break, we weren’t limping over the line, we’ve just been smashed early in the last couple of games.

“Our younger guys started to fade, and once the top teams got on top of our better players, the support roles weren’t there.

“But, we have come a long way, it’s been a great year for us, we have had some really good wins along the way. You learn from this, you get to experience it, which so many guys haven’t experienced, so we will get something out of it.

“Their inside work is a lot better now with Fletcher and Nash inside. Their ruckman were on top, and their delivery to Kent was superb.”


David Lake – Morningside

“We started with fury. We had energy, enthusiasm, and we kept the ball in our forward half of the ground.

“We were good around the stoppages, and got first crack at the footy. We got returns from our work today, which is important.

“I thought we played quarter five, six, seven and eight. Now we have got to play nine 10, 11 and 12.

“Labrador is a good side. We will need to play that, but that’s what you want, that’s what grand final day is, you don’t win them for free.

“We maintained the rage all day today, our hands were sharp, and we were good going forward. ”

By Andrew Wiles @andrewjwiles

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