QAFL LIVE: Morningside v Palm Beach

Join community footy writer, Beth Newman, for all the action at Jack Esplen Oval.


The Panthers had their toughest test today, courtesy of Palm Beach. The Lions’ defence was great all day, and Bryce Perry-Bolt dominated in the forward 50.

For Morningside, their experienced players stood up and in the second quarter. ,particularly, they had too much space and too much time.

4:24pm: Bryce Perry-Bolt gets on the end of a good linking play, started by youngster Tom Thynne. Can’t finish though. Margin now four goals straight, probably around five minutes to go.

4:22pm: Marks being dropped all over the park now. Everyone feelign the heat. Panthers struggling with their final kick into 50, but it’s been in their attacking half for much of this quarter.

4:18pm: Lachie Dignan has had a big crack – an around the body shot and it just scrapes the pad on it’s way through.

4:16pm: Clint Kelly has kicked one. Margin back to 25.

4:14pm: RHYS POWER AGAIN! Three weeks ago this guy was playing reserves footy, now he’s just kicked probably the game sealer in the seniors, from the boundary. Great effort.

4:13pm: Clint Kelly has a shot from the pocket but just misses. The Lions haven’t converted enough of their chances today.

4:11pm: NATHAN KINCH!! The classy Panther goes for a run and kicks what could be a vital goal for his side. They’re up by 26 now, but there’s still plenty of time left.

4:09pm: Lions captain, Jesse Derrick, making more of an impact this term. Kicking to a contest every time, though, which has been the story of the match for both sides.

4:08pm: Callum Kinch threatens but his hot goes to the right. Palm Beach’s rebound efforts end up just out of Bryce Perry-Bolt’s hands.

4:06pm: The intensity is still super high in this one. Both sides are being relentless. Struggling to take clean marks in their respective attacking halves.

4:03pm: Rhys Power goes for first shot of the quarter. Looks pretty ordinary off the boot, but it’s good enough to be a goal, which is all the Panthers need right now.

3:59pm: Attackers score goals but I reckon defence will win this one. Last quarter ready to go.


FT: Broadbeach 26.8 (164) – UQ 9.7 (61)

3QT: Surfers 9.12 (66) – Magpies 10.11 (71)

3:52pm: THREE-QUARTER TIME: MORNINGSIDE 10.6 (66) – PALM BEACH 7.10 (52)

3:51pm: It’s a scramble in the Panthers’ forward 50 and Lachie Russ takes a snap, but it’s wide. It’s only 14 points the difference and not much time left in this term.

3:49pm: Morningside trying to slow the play down now. Trying to maintain possession and they’re building.

3:47pm: 50m penalty to Palm Beach, and Clint Kelly goes up in a pack but can’t take a grab. 

3:44pm: A lot of hopeful kicking from both teams this term. Strong defence causing poor decisions.

3:42pm: Sam Bourke collides with Nathan Kinch, but the Grogan Medallist is back up and running. Tough as guts.

3:40pm: Kristan Higgs boots it from outside the arc and Perry-Bolt takes a ark in the goal square. Kicks it immediately. He has caused a few headaches for the Panthers today.

3:39pm: Perry-Bolt’s kicked another. And he gets a third shot, but rushes it with an inaccurate snap.

3:37pm: Morningside very fumbly – they’ve got the numbers but mucking up some simple skills at the moment.

3:34pm: Shaun Wilson drops a mark, running back with the flight, but his teammates clean it up and Perry-Bolt has another shot. It goes straight over the umpire’s hat, for his fourth.

3:33pm: Both sides playing with a extra defender.

3:32pm: Russ is clutching at his middle as he runs off. Free kick to the Panthers in the meantime and they kick a goal.

3:31pm:  Panthers midfielder, Lachie Russ is down and in a bit of pain. Being looked at by trainers, but hasn’t made a move yet.

3:29pm: Young ruckman, Peter Mollison, takes a terrific intercept mark for the Panthers, and it makes it into their forward 50, but out it comes. That’s an issue for Morningside.

3:28pm: Panthers getting plenty of possession but not penetrating their attacking half. Need to be a bit cleaner.

3:25pm: Perry-Bolt looks to almost take agrab but can’t make it stick. Dillon Kane taking a shot  A desperate jump from Ben Niland-Rowe stops that shot.

3:23pm: Second half about to get underway. Can the Lions come bqck or will Morningside break the game open in this term?

3:03pm: HALF TIME: MORNINGSIDE 9.3 (57)  – PALM BEACH 4.9 (33)

The Panthers had time and space that term, and they used it. Palm Beach’s defence just slipped a tad and Morningside capitalised, with a seven goal to nil term.

Plenty more to this game though – an entire half still to come, in fact.

3:02pm: Sam Faure launches a massive kick, straight through the big sticks. He loves it too. Panthers beginning to get away a bit.

2:58pm: Yet another shot for the Panthers – it’s out on the full and the Lions have a chance to claw one back now.

2:56pm: They’ve kicked another, and the panthers are out to a 19 point lead into time-on of this second quarter.

2:55pm: Another one for Morningside! Their converting well in this quarter, with a 4.1 return to Palm Beach’s 1.1.

2:53pm: Matt Logan is shooting from a tight angle, and kicks it off his right, around the corner. Goal for Morningside. They lead 6.3 (39)  -4.8 (32).

2:50pm: Morningside captain, Tyson Upton is lining up for a shot. He misses.

2:49pm: Devastatingly, I missed out on raffle tickets today. Some lucky spectators have nabbed $50 worth of drinks and $100 cold, hard cash.

2:47pm: Panthers’ defender, Josh Brown, goes for a run on the roadside wing, and the home team just has so much more space than they looked like having in the first.

A turnover gives the Lions a chance to rebound and they do – through Dillon Kane.Their first goal of the term.

2:46pm: Sam Faure takes a strong mark on a tight angle, and is going for goal. He’s kicked it.

Morningside getting on top now. The Lions’ first-term strangulation has diminished a tad and the Panthers are taking hold.

2:43pm: Bryce Perry-Bolt one-out takes an easy mark. It’s a behind, but he’s causing trouble for the Panthers.

2:41pm: RHYS POWER! The youngster is on fire this term – kicks his second, giving the Panthers a one-point lead.

2:37pm: Bryce Perry-Bolt has a stab but it falls short. Rebounding aplenty.


Scores from the other QAFL games:

HT: Broadbeach 13.4 (82) – UQ 5.4 (34)
Three late goals to Uni keeping them in touch down there.

QT: Surfers 4.8 (32)  – Magpies 2.4 (16)

Surfers big man, Trent McIntyre, with three opening term goals.

2:34pm: Second quarter underway and the Panthers pick up the first clearance. No wind to speak of down here. Perfect conditions.

Rhys Power kicks his first for the Panthers, and the first of the term.

2:26pm: QUARTER TIME: PALM BEACH 3.7 (25) – 2.2 (14).

In the opening stanza of what looks set to be a very tight game, Palm Beach have just got the edge. Three first quarter goals to Bryce Perry-Bolt, and a number of other opportunities, have got them in front on the scoreboard, but it’s their defence that has stopped the Panthers. Matt Dillon has been good on Kent Abey and their midfield tackling has been sensational.

Matt Logan has seen plenty of it for the Panthers, while Paul Shelton has been good through the middle as well.

2:26pm: Palm Beach’s defensive tackling has been superb this quarter. Morningside not getting the freedom they’ve had in the first two weeks.

2:23pm: Jinxed him! He’s missed.

2:22pm: A great spoil from Matt Dillon, and the rebounding play ends up in Perry-Bolt’s hands. Slight angle, but he should kick this.

2:21pm: Perry-Bolt kicks a spectacular goal from the boundary and the Lions are back in front. Going to be a tight one.

2:18pm: Another Panthers goal, out of traffic to Sam Faure.

2:17pm: Morningside not as clean as they would like, but part of that is due to Palm Beach’s pressure. They’re relentless today.

2:15pm: Kristan Higgs has another go for Palm Beach. He’s missed and the Panthers get a chance to reload.

2:12pm: A free kick against Bryce Perry-Bolt in the Palm Beach goal square, and a 50m penalty, gives the Panthers’ mids a chance and it’s fed out to Paul Shelton, who goes all the way, launching form just inside 50. It’s a goal a piece now.

2:10pm: Palm Beach defender, Matt Dillon doing well on Kent Abey early. The forward isn’t getting any easy possessions.

2;08pm: The Panthers get their first entry, but it comes out as quickly as it went in. Palm Beach defence strong.

2:07pm: Palm Beach doing everything right so far today. Morningside haven’t broken their 50 yet. the Lions’ Bryce Perry-Bolt kicks the first goal for the visitors – which could be crucial for them.

2:06pm: AROUND THE GROUNDS: Midway through the second quarter and Broadbeach have a 69-13 lead over UQ.

2:04pm: Palm Beach have had two early shots but no goals yet. One behind poster and one drifted across the goal face.

2:02pm: Fierce pressure early on – no one taking clear ascendency

1:53pm: Almost time for kick off here at Esplen Oval. A moment of silence and the Last Post played.

A round of applause after the national anthem and both teams are ready to get cracking.

Who will take out this top of the table clash? It’s only Round 3, but this could be a telling game.

Read our preview of the whole round, with team lists as well, here.

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