QAFL LIVE BLOG: Labrador v Morningside

Join community footy writer, Beth Newman, for all the action at Cooke Murphy Oval as the two pre-season favourites go head-to-head.

FULL-TIME: MORNINGSIDE 15.6 (96)  – LABRADOR 9.6 (60).
The Panthers get a comfortable win to kick off their QAFL campaign, but there’s plenty of upside for them. After a downpour just before the start of the match, it was scrappy in the first half, before the visitors’ skills emerged as the ground dried up. The Tigers fought hard in the second half, with super efforts from Simon Seddon ,Ryan Davey, Todd Featherstone and Sam Folan, but the Panthers seemed to be able to find the goals at crucial times. Morningside co-captain, Kent Abey completed his comeback from a broken leg, with five majors.

4:44pm: Seddon is on the end of another Tigers’ attacking play. He’s been among the best today and a beautiful finisher. Margin now 46.

4:43pm: The sun is shining here – you wouldn’t know there was a bout of torrential rain less than two hours ago.

4:41pm: Ash Evans is going back for a shot to take the Panthers lead to 52. He kicks it, and that’s the game.

4:36pm: When you make things look easy, sometimes the universe is ready to bite you. Abey takes a strong mark, wheels around, cool as you like, but it’s a behind.

4:34pm: Kent Abey is lining up for his fourth on the boundary and he slots it, giving the Panthers a chance to snatch back the momentum.

4:32pm: Simon Seddon kicks his third from just a shade inside 50. He went down with a cramp straight after, but that’s round one for you.

4:30pm: Jason Howard goes for a specky in the middle of the ground, but can’t quite grab it.

4:26pm: Labrador having it all their way this quarter – not a single forward entry for the Panthers yet.

4:23pm: Free kick to the Tigers. Slightly to the left of the goal face  for Seddon again. He kicks it and the margin has been sliced back to 34 points.

4:20pm: Ryan Davey shows his class, with a beautiful kick to Simon Seddon, on a tight angle about 40m out. Reckon he can slot this. And the midfielder, who came to the Tigers from Kyabram, makes no mistake.

4:18pm: Last quarter about to get underway. it’s a 46-point margin now and  the Tigers will not want it to blow out much more. Still plenty at stake for both sides.

AROUND THE GROUNDS: Broadbeach 10.6 (66) – Mt Gravatt 4.8 (32) at three-quarter time.

4:10pm: I must be the opposite of psychic, so normal – the Panthers kick another.

4:08pm: Not much happening in the way of goals at the minute. Scores are Morningside 12.4 (76) – Labrador 5.5 (35). Only a couple of minutes to go in this quarter.

4:07pm: Josh Brown takes another strong run for the Panthers and a good shepherd from Paul Shelton helps get it into Morningside’s 50.

4:05pm: Ben Niland-Rowe looked to be in a bit of trouble, with the trainers, but shook whatever it was off once the ball came near.

4:01pm: It’s like watching a ping pong battle right now. The Sherrin is swinging between the 50s. The next goal could be a game changer.

3:58pm: Panthers defender, Josh Brown, takes a few on, but is taken down. He’s having a pretty good day today.

3:57pm: Alastair Nash getting involved in a series of strong linking play from the Panthers. Tigers’ defence doing well to keep Morningside out of their attacking 50, though.

3:54pm: Paul Shelton adds to the Panthers’ goal kickers, with a snap from 30m out. Tigers need to make something happen now.

3:51pm: The Panthers’ skills showing now, and Dalby youngster Lachlan Dignan kicks one to take their lead out to 36.

3:50pm: Kent Abey takes a sensational grab, and gets his dodgy shot out of the way for the day.

3:48pm: Straight from the centre clearance into a goal for Jamie Hackett. Two quick goals to Morningside – not what the Tigers are after.

3:47pm: Kent Abey for his third. Easy as for the forward.

3:45pm: The Tigers are taking the game on well early in this term, as the conditions dry out a bit more. No mark in their 50, though, and the Panthers are rebounding.

3:43pm: Great grab from Hugh Wadsworth and Ryan Davey has a shot, but missed.

3:42pm: Ready for the second half here. This first little while will be crucial for the Tigers to claw back a win.


Looks like  Adam Spackman has dislocated his shoulder. Terrible news for the Panthers, and for Spacky.

The Tigers got the better of that second term, with strong performances from Sam Folan and Ryan Davey. Jason Howard is finishing well and with conditions drying up there’s plenty more high-quality footy to go.

3:20pm: The Panthers are playing frantically in their backline, and they’re looking a bit frazzled.

3:18pm: Free kick to Labrador, on a super tight angle and Todd Featherstone slots it as if he was standing in the goalsquare. The Tigers are now down 34-52, but they have looked far better than the premiership favourites in this term.

3:17pm: Aaahhh, the old mozz. The shot goes wide.

3:17pm: Ryan Davey has a shot from just outside 50 – if anyone can kick it, he probably can.

3:13pm: Massive danger for Labrador, with stoppages 15 from the Panthers’ goal, but they steer clear. Both sides’ back lines competing sensationally today.

3:11pm: Dyson Budarick caught high and the Tigers take the advantage. Morningside’s Bill Pendlebury stops it in the last line of defence though and now it’s the Panthers with a free kick at half-forward.

3:07pm: The Tigers are starting to take hold this term. Their half-back line killing it. Jason Howard finishes off, for his third. 25 points the margin now.

3:05pm: Will Jacobs takes a vital defensive mark for the Tigers, but coughs it up. And then the two teams do the dance again. Adam Baird comes up with it and the Tigers are building.

3:02pm: Daye, Russ, Johnson, Abey, and Upton finishes. The Panthers leading 7.4 (52) – 3.3 (21).

3:01pm: The Tigers are backing themselves more now and it’s paying off. They’ve had the most of the Inside 50 opportunities this term.

3:00pm: Jason Howard kicks another for the Tigers. it’s now 46-21. Game on.

2:58pm:  A 50m penalty to the Tigers and Sam Folan has a chance to get one back for the home side, from point blank range. He does and scores are now 7.4 (46) – 2.3 (15).

2:56pm: Lachie Dignan breaks a tackle and hits Jamie Hackett clean on the chest. Hackett finishes strongly, and the Panthers have the first goal of the term.

2:52pm: Second quarter has started and the Panthers have the clearance. The Tigers rebound well, with a good run on the wing from Sam Folan, but Morningside’s Josh Brown cleans it up.

2:51pm: AROUND THE GROUNDS: Broadbeach leading Mt Gravatt, 2.2 (14) – 0.2 (2) in the first term.

2:45pm: QUARTER TIME: MORNINGSIDE 6.4 (40) – LABRADOR 1.2 (8)

The Panthers dominated the early parts of the quarter nad were able to get their hands on more clean possession than the home side. The Tigers’ Todd Featherstone and Jason Howard did well at their respective ends of the ground, though.
Big concern for Morningside with Adam Spackman off the ground and into the rooms, with what looks like a shoulder or arm injury.

2:44pm: A free kick to Ryan Johnson and he’s kicked the goal.

2:42pm:  Adam Spackman coming off the ground, in serious pain. Holding his right arm. Looks bad. Meanwhile, the Panthers have kicked another goal, to lead 5.4 (34) – 1.2 (8)

2:40pm: The Panthers are using some short kicks to get up the ground, but can’t make the last kick worth it. It’s back to hands and they get it this time. Morningside lead 4.4 (28)  – 1.2 (8)

2:37pm: The Tigers are getting a few more opportunities inside 50 now,  but they’re not quite finishing off. Another behind for the home side.

2:36pm: Ryan Davey goes on a run through the gts and hits Jason Howard, before he launches it to Hugh Wadsworth, and he finished beautifully. Labrador’s first goal and they trail 3.4 (22) 1.1 (7).

A very easy passage of play to watch.

2:33pm: Labrador is hesitating with the ball in hand and it’s costing them, as they face the Panthers’ pressure.

2:32pm: Brilliant tackle from Labrador on the half-backline on Ash Evans and it’s in the tigers 50. Jason Howard has a shot and it’s bouncing, bouncing. It looks good….but just grazed the post. Tigers are on the board.

2:30pm:Kent Abey’s obviously got his swagger back – he’s just snapped it around the body for a pretty ambitious shot. Ends up a point and Morningside leads 3.2 (20) – 0

2:27pm: Kieran Daley kicks into the Tigers’ 50 with a healthy dose of blind optimism, but it’s cleaned up by a Panthers defender and sent straight back out.

2:26pm: Labrador have a chance to set something up, from Todd Featherstone, but he kicks it to a 50-50 and it goes out.

2:25pm: Not too many clean possessions out there, but the Panthers getting their hands on it more.

2:23pm: Laces out from Nathan Kinch to Kent Abey and he’s already lining up for his second goal in his comeback match. And, he’s kicked it. The veteran has been absolutely committed to his recovery from a broken leg and is fighting fit today. An incredible effort.

2:20pm: Two quick goals for the Panthers –  first  to Kent Abey and then looked like Ash Evans. It’s 14-0 in favour of the visitors now.

2:18pm: Jason Howard sets up a threatening effort in the Tigers’ forward 50, but the wet weather sees his pass to Chris Turner hit the deck, and the Panthers are running hard the other way.

2:16pm: Panthers’ Matt Logan looking pretty good early, with some strong forward pressure.

2:15pm: So far, it’s been locked in the Panthers 50, but just the one behind.

2:13pm: We’re underway here. Could be a pretty scrappy affair now with the sudden downpour, but I still reckon Morningside have the upper hand.

2:03pm: It’s been a crazy afternoon to kick off our first QAFL live blog. A massive storm just ripped through Labrador, in typical Queensland fashion, and we’re ready for a 2:15 start.

1:45pm: It’s finally round one! I’m down at Cooke Murphy Oval bringing you all the action between Labrador and Morningside but there’s already been plenty of round one matches this weekend.

Palm Beach, Sandgate and Wilston Grange were the winners from yesterday, over Surfers, UQ and the Magpies, respectively.

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