By Chris ‘Yeendy’ Yeend

Get set for two epic Elimination Finals in Week 1 of the QAFL Senior Men’s competition with a feast of football on the Gold Coast as Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise play host to two quality opponents.

The challenging prospect for the visiting teams this weekend is that both home teams possess an impeccable record at home in 2023 and both firming as genuine contenders for the 2023 Senior premiership.

Finals are a different proposition however, and last year was a perfect example where PBC came from no-where to win a famous encounter on the road to Labrador, and reigning wooden spooners Noosa pushed Redland-Victoria Point for three quarters before falling away late in the battle of third v sixth.

What epic chapters will we see written into the history books of the QAFL this weekend?




Highest score – 19.12.126 v Sherwood (Round 11)

Lowest score – 6.7.43 v Labrador (Round 21)

Scores + 100 = x 9

Leading goal scorers

Jacob Townsend & Sam Jasper – 25

Record against teams in top 6

Rd 1 v Aspley

12.8.80 to 11.14.80 (D)

Rd 4 v Redland Victoria Point

9.11.65  to 12.15.87 (L – 22)

Rd 5 v Surfers Paradise

16.12.108 to 12.12.84 (W + 24)

Rd 6 v Palm Beach Currumbin

18.9.117 to 10.11.71 (W + 46)

Rd 9 v Wilston Grange

9.5.59 to 12.13.85 (L – 26)

Rd 13 v Palm Beach Currumbin

17.7.109 to 8.10.58 (W + 51)

Rd 16 v Aspley

15.10.100 to 8.5.53 (W + 47)

Rd 17 v Redland Victoria Point

7.9.51 to 6.6.42 (W + 9)

Total For – 103.71.689

Total Ag -79.86.560

Highest – 18.9.117 v PBC

Lowest – 7.9.51 v RVP

W/L/D – 5/2/1

Palm Beach Currumbin

Highest score – 22.12.144 v Sherwood (Round 20)

Lowest score – 4.6.30 v Labrador (Round 5)

Scores + 100 = x 3

Leading goal scorer

Carl Nicholson – 33

Record against teams in top 6

Rd 1 v Surfers Paradise

11.10.76 to 8.12.60 (W + 16)

Rd 3 v Aspley

6.16.52 to Aspley 14.10.94 (L – 42)

Rd 6 v Broadbeach

10.11.71 to 18.9.117 (L – 46)

Rd 7 v Redland Victoria Point

15.7.97 to 12.10.82 (W + 15)

Rd 8 v Surfers Paradise

10.16.76 to 10.10.70 (W + 6)

Rd 10 v Aspley

5.7.37 to 14.16.100 (L – 63)

Rd 13 v Broadbeach

8.10.58 to 17.7.109 (L – 51)

Rd 15 v Redland Victoria Point

11.7.73 to 20.12.132 (L – 59)

Rd 16 v Wilston Grange

10.4.64 to 18.18.126 (L – 62)

Total For – 85.88.616

Total Ag – 131.103.889

Highest – 15.7.97 v RVP

Lowest – 5.7.37 v Aspley

W/L/D – 3/6/0



Key ins – Jacob Townsend, Josh Searl, Jared Eckersley, Leo Lombard (VFL)

Key outs – Sam Banks-Smith (hamstring), Lachlan Huppatz, Adam Hull, Alan O’Neill (all omitted)

Some massive ins for the Cats with Townsend returning from a break, club legend Searl returned through the Reserves, Eckersley is having a break-out season, while Lombard impressed in his VFL debut with a number of key touches and multiple tackles as a 16-year-old in Gold Coast’s big win over Carlton.

Palm Beach Currumbin

Key ins – Corey Joyce (VFL), Ti Cuffe, Malachi Dumas, Jackson Graham

Key outs – David Armitage, Tom Frazer, Alex Fry, Lachlan Jolley

Joyce is a massive return after playing the final game of the season for Southport in the VFL while first-year player from the Sunbury Kangaroos in Victoria Ti Cuffe was best afield in the Reserves last week and rightfully earned his place in the team. Dumas and Graham will be key ins with Dumas being the hero in week one of the finals last year against Labrador. Armitage is a key loss.

Who will win and why

Broadbeach has beaten all except one team in the top six this year including back-to-back wins at home against Aspley and Redland-Victoria Point. This is one team and perhaps the only team in the competition that can win a tight game with the winning score under eight goals or win with the winning score pushing triple figures. It has the talent on and off the field to generate a winning game plan to suit all game styles and tempo making it one of the premier teams in this competition.

Palm Beach Currumbin has conceded on average more than 16 goals a game in its past four matches against teams in the top six, losing all four. This team has the capacity to dig deep and fight hard in low-scoring conditions and where credit is due, comes into the contest with three consecutive wins with a more up-beat and attacking brand of football heading into the finals. Nicholson has been a tremendous find for this group in the off-season and he is proving his tremendous value in the past month. 

Broadbeach is one of the teams to beat this season with a dynasty that continues to thrive and grow to be one of the best in the modern era with three consecutive Grand Final appearances heading into this year for a return of one premiership. What makes this group sustainable is that a number of premiership stars departed in the recent off-season and an incredible batch of young kids have come into the team and earned their positions building a great future for this team. The X Factor in this game is one of them, Taine Dawson, and he will help guide this team to victory and into week two of the finals.



Surfers Paradise

Highest score -16.14.110 v Sherwood (Round 17)

Lowest score – 4.11.35 v Labrador (Round 4)

Scores + 100 = x2

Leading goal scorer

Byron Finch – 31

Record against teams in top 6

Rd 1 v Palm Beach Currumbin

8.12.60 to 11.10.76 (L – 26)

Rd 5 v Broadbeach

12.12.84 to 16.12.108 (L – 24)

Rd 7 v Wilston Grange

13.14.92 to 9.10.64 (W + 28)

Round 8 v Palm Beach Currumbin

10.10.70 to 10.16.76 (L – 6)

Round 12 v Redland Victoria Point

9.9.63 to 13.5.83 (L – 20)

Round 15 v Wilston Grange

14.19.103 to 2.12.24 (W + 79)

Round 21 v Aspley

6.13.49 to 9.13.67 (L – 18)

Total For – 72.89.521

Total Ag – 70.78.498

Highest – 14.19.103 v Wilston Grange

Lowest – 6.13.49 v Aspley

W/L/D – 2/5

Wilston Grange

Highest score – 18.18.126 v Palm Beach Currumbin (Round 16)

Lowest score – 2.12.24 v Surfers Paradise (Round 15)

Scores + 100 = x 4

Leading goal scorer

Hugh Fidler – 38

Record against teams in top 6

Rd 4 v Aspley

7.3.45 to 17.10.112 (L – 67)

Rd 7 v Surfers Paradise

9.10.64 to 13.14.92 (L – 28)

Rd 9 v Broadbeach

12.13.85 to 9.5.59 (W + 26)

Rd 11 v Aspley

8.6.54 to 18.15.123 (L – 69)

Rd 15 v Surfers Paradise

2.12.24 to 14.19.103 (L – 79)

Rd 16 v Palm Beach Currumbin

18.18.126 to 10.4.64 (W + 62)

Rd 18 v Redland Victoria Point

12.4.76 to 17.14.116 (L – 40)

Total For – 68.66.474

Total Ag – 98.81.669

Highest – 18.18.126 v Palm Beach Currumbin

Lowest – 2.12.24 v Surfers Paradise

W/L/D – 2/5/0


Surfers Paradise

Key ins – Nick Williams (VFL), Matt Doran (VFL), Tom Smith, John Boxer

Key outs – William Broadbent, Alex Mitchell, Billy Beardsell, Kain Ford

Nick Williams and Matt Doran return from the Suns and Sharks in the VFL, John Boxer impressed in the Reserves last week while Tom Smith will be a key in the ruck. Broadbent, Mitchell, Beardsell and Ford are four quality top line players to miss.

Wilston Grange

Key ins – Jack Manly (VFL), Bailey Gordon

Key outs – Jess Budarick, Maverick Garaicoa

Jack Manly is in great form the VFL after impressing at half forward with a magnificent left foot kick to set up and kick goals. Bailey Gordon is a genuine workhorse through the midfield and is worth his weight in cold. Two massive additions.

Who will win and why

Surfers Paradise has been one of the best performing teams across the season and its results against the teams above it. While not translating into as many victories, proves that it can run and match it with the best. The issue at times is perhaps being able to convert some of those narrow losses into wins and exert itself as a team to overrun the stronger opposition clubs.

Wilston Grange has been the Jekyll and Hyde of the 2023 season with a string of impressive outings followed by some disappointing losses. Its run over recent weeks to close out the regular season with two wins is solid; but it needs to build on that ahead of this game.

Wilston Grange welcomes back two key players into the team that will help sharpen up its midfield and attack while providing some strong physical presence which is what it needs against a hardened Surfers Paradise outfit.

If this game goes to a shoot-out, Wilston Grange remains a big chance to win but at the same time, runs the risk of turning the ball over the rebound.

Surfers has a strong backline that has been boosted by highly touted draft pick Nick Williams who restricted a peak-performing Matt Hammelmann at this ground earlier this season. It does boost a strong forward line where even gun forward Alex Mitchell misses and that’s a testament to the depth of the team.

Wilston Grange has a long way to bounce back from following the last meeting between the pair and being on the road, it’s going to be a tough day which will set up a Gold Coast semi-final match-up next weekend.

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