QAFL Finals Week 1 Preview: Redland-Victoria Point v Maroochydore

By Chris ‘Yeendy’ Yeend

In Brief
The Sharks and and the Roos kick off the return to QAFL football for the first time since July 24; and needless to say it has felt like an eternity.

These two teams will match up considerably well with a very similar attack and a dynamic defence and have beaten all opposition outside of the top six, with at times, great confidence and ability.

Redland-Victoria Point have been outstanding on its return to the QAFL and have been keeping things business as usual with a string of consistent performances against all opposition.

Maroochydore started the season strongly with a number of big wins. Its biggest problem perhaps is that it has just one win against teams inside the top six; and it has yet to face ladder leaders and premiership contenders Broadbeach at all.

Meeting this season
Round 7 – Redland-Victoria Point 15.12 (102) defeated Maroochydore 13.8 (86)

Quarters won
Redland-Victoria Point
1 – 6
2 – 12
3 – 7
4 – 10

The Sharks have a tendency to take a quarter to get going before putting the foot down and finishing off the first half and the game strongly. They have won 18 quarters in the first half and 19 in the second. The consistency of having one strong quarter in each half is backed up by the fact that they have kicked 98 goals in the first half, and 96 goals in the second half. They have kicked 10 goals or more on four occasions, two in the first half and two in the second.

RVP’s last quarter of football saw it product 8.1 in the win over Sherwood to gap off its best half of the year to date, 13 goals. It averages 15 goals per game across its 13 matches.

1 – 6
2 – 8
3 – 9
4 – 12

The Roos have proven across the year that it is a slow starting team; but then it comes home strongly in the second half. They have won 14 quarters in the first half and 21 in the second. This is further backed up by the fact that it is a 19-goal better side in the second half across the season where it has kicked 110 of its 201 in that half, with 10 goals or more on four occasions as opposed to reaching double figures in the first half on two occasions.

Maroochydore has an average of 14 goals per game across its 14 matches this season.


Redland-Victoria Point has an average losing margin of 11.5 against teams inside the top six. That has come against four teams with Morningside its biggest threat, being the only team to salute against it twice this year with a combined winning margin of 11 points. Ladder leaders Labrador inflicted its biggest loss of the year by just 21 points.

The Sharks have won three games against teams inside the top six with an average winning margin of 29 points across its three games, the biggest win coming against Surfers Paradise in its opening match of the season. It’s 4-3 record against teams inside the top six is impressive in what has been a tight and compact season.

With six wins against teams outside the top six, The Sharks have an average winning margin of 55 points (334 points), with its biggest win coming at home against Wilston Grange to the tune of 97-points.

Maroochydore has a vastly different record against teams inside the top six; recording one win from its seven matches. Despite the lopsided win/loss ratio, it has an average losing margin of just 14 points with the highest coming against Morningside, 22 points when scores were dead-level at three-quarter-time. It has tasted victory just once against a top six opponent with a 41-point win over Surfers Paradise.

Against teams outside the top six, the Roos have an average winning margin of 55 points, or 333 points in total.


Key players to watch

Redland-Victoria Point
Jarrod Huddy
– with 12 goals this season, he is a menace in the ruck. He drifts forward and loves taking contest marks. If the game is close and the Sharks need a goal to hit the front, the midfield just need to send the ball long to the top of the square and Huddy will deliver. There are few better contested mark players in this competition, especially one that plays ruck.
Peter Yagmoor – with 28 goals to his name this season and five in his last outing against Sherwood, this dynamic left footer is the man you want with ball in hand inside the forward half when the pressure is on. He lifts for the big moments.
Adrian Williams – his experience and record in football speaks for itself and he has a strong presence and leadership about him where ever he plays. From taking down the key forwards of the opposition to playing a key role down forward. He has yet to kick a goal this year but he kicked 45 from nine games in 2020. He knows the game almost better than anyone else in his team.

Mitch Scholard
– he has kicked 49 goals this season and looks unstoppable when he is in full flight. He leads to the space well and his accuracy is outstanding. He commands the forward 50 and delivers when required.
Josh Govan – one of the great leaders of this competition, the former Bendigo FNL product is the captain of the team (just as his brother Hamish captains Kyneton back home where Josh played all of his football), he has a lethal left foot kick and thrives around the contested ball. The ball is safe when it’s in his hands, and it is often in his hands when the pressure is on.
Jacob Simpson – a quality ruckman who uses his height to advantage. He is a brilliant tap ruckman and plays well a kick behind the play as required. He is tough and difficult to get around.

Where will the match be won
Across half back. The Sharks boast a stronger defense and they’ve got some quality runners that can carry the ball swiftly from half back to half forward. Led by runners such as Salter and Johnson, they have the talent to beat the forward crumbers of the Roos and turn defense into attack really quickly.

The pair match up so well statistically and strategically. The biggest downside that the Roos have is its 1-6 record against teams in the top six and that could very well be the difference between winning and losing this contest. They had six very winnable games and couldn’t close the matches out. This is finals, it could come back to hurt them.

The Sharks have been one of the favourites right across the year and with good reason too given its experience and depth. If Williams shuts Scholard out of the game, that will be the difference.

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