Post survives critical point

A Palm Beach point post was whisked into surgery after a collision with two Under-18 players on Saturday.

No one likes behinds, but two Under-18s players took their disdain to another level on Saturday.

Springwood’s Jared Isbel and Sandgate’s Luke Barker managed to team up against their common enemy in their U18 qualifying final, colliding with the minor score stick.

The pair managed to critically injure the little post, leaving officials with a bit of a problem.

While there were fears of potential postponement, eventually, it was replaced with a plastic Auskick post for the remainder of the U18 match, while the metal post was swiftly taken away to be reattached.

The process was completed so quickly that despite the incident occurring in deep into the third quarter of the match, it was replaced and fully functional by the start of the reserves game, less than an hour later.

Match manager, David Heilbron, said it was certainly an unusual thing to happen.

“We’ve all seen the image of Leigh Matthews breaking a point post years ago, but I’ve never seen anything like it in community footy.”

Heilbron praised the Palm Beach officials for such a quick turnaround.

“They did a great job getting it back on the ground so quickly,“ he said.

“All the officials deserve a pat on the back for that effort, I reckon.”

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